Marvel Teases a Clawed Mutant's Return in X-Men Blue #5


Sure, Old Man Logan's been running around the Marvel Universe since the end of "Secret Wars," and Laura Kinney long ago graduated from X-23 to take on the mantle her "father" left behind, but readers have continued to wonder when the original Wolverine would make his return from the grave.

Well, if you take the solicitations for "X-Men Blue" #5 and 6 at face value, it looks like that day may arrive this June.

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Though the solicits blur what is presumably the original berserker mutant out of Arthur Adams' cover art, it's obvious that the figure beneath the pixellation appears to be Wolverine. That tease is doubled-down on by the solicitation copy, which announces "THE RETUN OF [BLANK], and reveals that the young X-Men team's adventure will lead them to Madripoor, aka the crime-ridden stomping ground Wolverine once frequented.

Of course, this is most likely all a misdirect; the solicitation text also promises the evil machinations of Ms. Sinister, the clone of the mutant geneticist Mister Sinister, himself known for creating clones of mutants. The character could be a clone of Logan's, based either on the original version's DNA, or a sample from Old Man Logan.

Of course, our money is on this being the return of Wolverine's son Daken, who's had dealings with Ms. (then Miss) Sinister in the past. One of last times we saw Daken was in Madripoor, actually, when the mutant protected his father's legacy by interrupting an auction of two of Wolverine's claws, killing everyone attending the proceedings. We haven't seen him since the end of "Wolverines" in 2015 when he turned on X-23 and stabbed her in the gut, though it's not a stretch to think he then fled to Madripoor, hiding from the rest of the world until Jean Grey, Cyclops and the rest of the Blue team will stumble across his path.


  • Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS
  • Mary Jane Variant Cover by TBA
  • THE RETURN OF - Double ships every month!
  • The X-MEN and their new teammate investigate the NEW MARAUDERS.
  • Who are they? And what do they want?
  • Guest-starring MS. SINISTER and a whole gang of nasties you won’t want to miss!
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


  • Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS
  • IT’S A PERFECT DAY IN MADRIPOOR…OR IS IT? - Double ships every month!
  • Of course nothing can ever go right for the X-MEN — even when they’re exploring the streets of MADRIPOOR! But, then again, what did they expect? Sunshine and lollipops? It’s freaking Madripoor, guys!!!
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
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