Marvel Teases Original Thunderbolts Reunion

Marvel has held very little back this week, and the announcements continue to roll in. Last Friday, "AvX: Versus" -- the only standalone tie-in to "Avengers vs. X-Men" -- was revealed. On Monday, Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman elucidated their plans for "Secret Avengers." Tuesday saw Brian Michael Bendis and Walter Simonson announcing a collaboration on "Avengers." Wednesday, Cullen Bunn spoke on his upcoming "Captain America & Hawkeye" and yesterday, Mark Waid and Greg Rucka brought "The Omega Effect" to the world of Spider-Man, the Punisher and Daredevil.

Today, Marvel let loose with a blast from the past with a teaser for today's live call, a piece of artwork featuring Baron Zemo, Moonstone and...Moonstone? Well, Meteorite, actually, but longtime fans of the villains-turned-heroes team will recall that Meteorite is the identity Moonstone took when going straight under the guidance of writer Kurt Busiek and artist Mark Bagley, who has also provided the teaser art.

The current Thunderbolts team has found itself spilt in two of late, with writer Jeff Parker sending half the current roster -- including Moonstone -- into the past while Baron Zemo continues to operate in the present. Whether this image foreshadows further tine-crossed developments for the morally-challenged team or is an indication of another project entirely is unknown at this time, but Marvel will reveal all shortly as today's Next Big Thing live call kicks off at 1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST. As always, CBR News will be on hand, reporting live throughout the event.

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