Marvel Teases New Disney Kingdoms Series Starring Figment

It's been a while, but Marvel Comics' one-word teasers have returned, this time popping up on the Disney-centric InsidetheMagic.net Which make sense, since this teaser is for the next Disney Kingdoms series, following up on the current "Seekers of the Weird" mini.

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Written by Jim Zub and illustrated by Filipe Andrade, the purple-hued "SPARK!" may not be an immediately obvious clue for everyone, but longtime Disney fans will undoubtedly put Two and Two together to come up with Figment, the purple dragon at the heart of Epcot's imagination pavilion. While popular with park goers, the character's never really been marketed or developed into a full-fledged Disney character, so this series should have a ton of leeway in defining his personality and telling his adventures.


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