Marvel Teases "Last Days" Of "Magneto"

Marvel has announced via Newsarama that "Magneto" will be taking part in the upcoming "Secret Wars" line-wide event under the "Last Days" banner. The website quotes SVP of Publishing and Executive Editor Tom Breevort as saying that the series included in the "Last Days" branding will tell "the final stories" of these characters prior to the redefinition of the Marvel Universe in "Secret Wars."

The four-part story will begin this May in "Magneto" #18 and will focus on the character's legacy, revealed series writer Cullen Bunn. "Throughout the series thus far, we've looked at the history of this character and we've looked at the legacy he's carving out for himself," said Bunn. "Magneto sees the world ending. That would mean that everything he's worked for... all the terrible things he's done... would be for nothing. He has fought to save mutants, and now everything is going to be wiped out. Magneto simply cannot allow that to happen. He sets out to save the world, and he'll stop at nothing to do so."

This isn't the only book to fall under the "Last Days" banner. Comic Book Resources revealed earlier today that "Loki: Agent of Asgard" would also feature "Last Days" branding. A promotional banner released last week teased that "Last Days" stories would feature stories set as the "Marvel Universe is on the verge of destruction."

Despite being part of a massive crossover involving numerous alternate dimensions and the possible destruction of universes, Bunn assured "Magneto" readers that the "Last Days" arc will be as grounded as the rest of the series. "Admittedly, the 'Last Days' arc is going to open the floodgates a little bit and there will be some elements that are quite a bit bigger than what we've seen before," said Bunn. "But I don't think you'll be seeing Anti-Magneto and his Sentinel Dino-Riding X-Force this time around."

One character that fans have been clamoring to see in the series will show up during the story: Magneto's daughter Polaris. "Polaris will have a big part to play in the series," said Bunn. "There will be some other key players, too, but I don't want to reveal too much about them just yet. Suffice it to say, Magneto may need help in his mission."

While the story may be titled "Last Days," Bunn remained mum about whether or not the series would continue past its "Secret Wars" tie-in.

"If the book were to end, I think this arc would wrap things up quite nicely," said Bunn. "But what I'm doing also positions Magneto for some really exciting stuff that's coming up. Really, do you think something like the end of the world is going to stop the Master of Magnetism?"

"Magneto" #18, written by Cullen Bunn with art by Javi Fernandez, arrives in May.

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