Marvel Teases Joe Madureira's Return in June

Fan-favorite artist Joe Madureira has teased his comeback to comics ever since his departure from "Darksiders II" developer Vigil Games, which he left comics to co-found. Following the end of his time at Vigil, Madureira took to Facebook, stating he planned to focus on "banging out a bunch of comics" in the short-term. While art by Madureira was shown last August in CBR's Axel-in-Charge column, things have remained quiet with regard to the project -- until today.

Marvel Comics has broken the long silence on Madureira's return with a new teaser featuring Wolverine. With the caption, "Get Mad!" (referencing Madureira's nickname "Joe Mad"), the image teases a June 2013 release date as part of the publisher's Marvel NOW! publishing initiative.

While it's clear that Madureira is the artist for the new project, it's unknown whether the series is the same one that "Avenging Spider-Man" writer Zeb Wells teased back in December, which would reunite the "Avenging" writer and artist.

"I was up late last night writing some pages for Joe Mad and Steve Wacker," Wells told CBR. "I kind of got swallowed up by this season of 'Robot Chicken.' This was the first season I directed, and it's a full-time job that there's not enough hours in the day to get it done. It kind of swallowed up the year, I sort of disappeared in that vortex."

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