Marvel Teases "Iron Man 3" Super Bowl Spot

For many comic fans on Super Bowl Sunday, the action will all take place during the commercials. And today, Marvel Studios released a first look at its Super Bowl spot for "Iron Man 3," the latest movie in the Marvel Film Universe that sees the return of Robert Downey, Jr.'s Tony Stark.

The ten-second spot for the full minute ad showed up on Super Hero Hype and shows not only returning familiar faces but also a look at Guy Pearce's new character, the rings of the Mandarin and more of Don Cheadle in the Iron Patriot armor.

Directed by Shane Black from a script he co-wrote with Drew Pearce, "Iron Man 3" finds Tony Stark on the trail of an enemy who has destroyed his personal world, and discovering the answer to the question, "Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?"

"Iron Man 3" also stars returning cast members Gwyneth Paltrow and Jon Favreau, joined by newcomers Ben Kingsley, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton.

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