Marvel Teases 'The End' For Daredevil

A mysterious new teaser image indicates that an ending of some kind may soon be coming to Daredevil, though just what might happen is currently unclear.

Marvel tweeted out an image of Matt Murdock holding his Daredevil mask in one hand and offering his other hand to a blonde woman, potentially Karen Page. The image, which features art from Bill Sienkiewicz, teases the release of further information on September 21.

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It's unknown at this time what, if anything, might happen to Daredevil. Solicitations for November indicate a "mysterious new villain" will make his way to Hell's Kitchen, so the fate of the Man Without Fear may be related to the events of that arc.

Created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, Daredevil first appeared in 1964's Daredevil #1. Although blind, Daredevil -- also known as Matt Murdock -- possesses superhuman senses, which he uses to fight crime in New York. The character made his way to the big-screen with 2003's Daredevil before heading up Marvel's line-up of Netflix superhero shows in 2015.

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Daredevil #609, from writer Charles Soule and artist Phil Noto, will hit shelves on October 17.

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