Marvel Teases Blade-Centric Avengers Event

UPDATE: Marvel has also released a similar teaser image featuring Monica Rambeau, aka Spectrum:

Marvel has released a mysterious teaser image possibly hinting at an Avengers event centered on the vampire hunter Blade.

"No compromise, no mercy," the teaser reads, along with an image of Blade wielding his two swords. The teaser also promises that "All will be revealed on Marvel's The Pull List" on June 11.

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Current Avengers and War of the Realms scribe Jason Aaron has been building toward something major involving Marvel's vampire characters, including a civil war orchestrated by Dracula himself. Now, it appears as though everything is finally poised to come to a head in another big event from the House of Ideas.

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Of course, with the vampires currently confined to Chernobyl and Blade being a daywalker, it remains to be seen which side he chooses to fight for.

Avengers #20, written by Jason Aaron with art by Ed McGuinness, goes on sale June 26 from Marvel Comics. Before that, though, be sure to head to Marvel.com on June 11 for The Pull List to learn more about what "No compromise, no mercy" really means.

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