Marvel Teases "Age of Ultron" Vs. "Marvel Zombies" Throwdown

Yesterday, Marvel Comics teased a return to 2006 with a teaser hyping the publisher's hit "Civil War" event. Today, via Twitter, readers have been hit with the tease of an "Age of Ultron" Vs "Marvel Zombies" crossover.

Both teasers have been accompanied by a vague date of Summer 2015.

Last night's news that Marvel Studios has come to a contract agreement with Robert Downey Jr. to bring Iron Man to "Captain America 3" for a big screen "Civil War" adaptation fueled online speculation that yesterday's teaser was somehow related. However, unless today's image is meant to be read as an indicator that we're going to see undead incarnations of Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johannson battling the evil android in theaters next summer, odds are probably stronger that Marvel is pointing in the direction of "Secret Wars," which was announced at last weekend's New York Comic Con.

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The next major Marvel event, not much is known about "Secret Wars" aside from the creative team -- Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic -- and the pan-dimensional promo image released to hype it. Painted by Alex Ross, the "Secret Wars" teaser features dozens of characters from multiple Marvel realities, locked in cosmic battle. "Secret Wars" was announced with a May 2015 release date.

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