Marvel Teases a New Captain America

Another character will soon suit up in Captain America's red, white and blue uniform, and a teaser posted on Marvel's Tumblr account Friday indicates the person behind the mask will be revealed on Monday:

"Who will be Marvel comics' NEW #CaptainAmerica? Learn more this Monday on Marvel.com! #4thOfJuly," the post reads.

As "Captain America" writer Rick Remender discussed with Comic Book Resources last month, Steve Rogers had the super soldier serum sucked out of his body by the villain Iron Nail in issue #21.

"Steve is no longer going to be in the field," Remender said. "That will lead to some interesting changes in the next three to four issues as we discover who will be on the field."

This isn't the first time someone besides Rogers has worn the uniform, as five other men have also worn the mantle, including Isaiah Bradley, William Nasland, William Burnside, John Walker and James Barnes. Barnes, the most recent, wore the uniform after Rogers was assassinated following "Civil War."

Update: As several readers have noted, the cover to "Avengers" #35, which shows the Avengers eight months in the future, features a different Captain America who looks suspiciously like the Falcon:

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