Mysterious Teaser Heralds the Marvel Universe's New King

In its latest teaser, Marvel Comics has issued a decree: "Love live the King." However, we don't know exactly who that king is just yet.

The new teaser finds a mysterious figure sitting on a golden throne. The figure is merely a silhouette, leaving the character's identity a secret. This character wears a crown and wields a scepter, like your run-of-the-mill king, but their throne room is anything but ordinary.

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The figure's throne sits on a creature that is a mass of blue, thorned limbs. To the left of the character, a single blue eye glares in the direction of the viewer. Beneath that, jagged teeth form the semblance of a mouth. The creature is set against a completely black background. Judging by the king's posture, this doesn't bother him in the least.

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Considering the watermark, the teaser's artwork likely hails from Marvel artist Tim Townsend. Aside from that credit, though, no creative team has been announced for the as-yet untitled project. Further, it is unclear if the artwork heralds a new event or series.

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Marvel's new project will release in November 2018. Until then, stay with CBR.com for updates as more information becomes available. The teaser image appears in full below.

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