Marvel Just Teased the Return of Its Strongest. Hulk. Ever.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Immortal Hulk#26 from Al Ewing, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, Paul Mounts and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

Al Ewing's The Immortal Hulk has certainly brought the most dangerous Hulk ever to the fore in the shape of the Devil Hulk -- a destroyer connected supernaturally to the One Below All. Together, they're conspiring to purge the planet and rebuild it in their dark image. But courtesy of Issue #26, as Bruce Banner details his plan to smash the planet, we also get a tease of the return of the strongest Hulk ever: the Green Scar.

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We saw the Hulk unleashed like never before after being marooned on Sakaar by the Illuminati. He'd eventually rise up and overthrow the Red King in Planet Hulk before bringing his inner-circle of warriors, the Warbound, to Earth to exact revenge and enslave it in order to save humanity from themselves in World War Hulk. You can see the parallel here to Banner now wanting to rescue a planet he believes is on the brink of self-destruction but rather than enslavement, he's all for genocide.

The Green Scar personality developed off-planet to make Hulk a bit more of a survivalist, to the point he became known as the World Breaker, a term we've ironically seen Banner calling the Devil Hulk at times. But that official designation is really for the Green Scar, who had to evolve to survive the harshness of his new home in the form of an alien planet. What makes Green Scar so lethal is he has the cunning mind of the Grey Hulk/Joe Fixit and also the unlimited strength of the Savage Hulk. Combining those, you get the ultimate Hulk, who did take out the X-Men, Avengers, Black Bolt and so many others when he returned to Earth in World War Hulk. In fact, it took all the might of the Sentry to neutralize him in one of Marvel's most brutal battles ever.

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As for where this hint comes, it's in the Massachusetts diner Namor's running, where Amadeus Cho converses with Banner about his plan to unleash hell on Earth against the one percent. He tries to talk Banner out of waging war and appeals to the Hulk he befriended i.e. the Green Scar. Banner admits he and the Professor (another intelligent form of the Hulk) are both dormant, which makes sense as the Green Scar would be considered an alpha and possibly rival the Devil Hulk. As for the Professor, Banner doesn't need him rationalizing the war to come so he doesn't seem too worried he's locked away.

But the biggest tease the Green Scar is watching, laying in wait, comes when we catch reflections of him in a spoon and a hallucination in a teacup while Banner's eating clam chowder. A visibly shaken Banner brushes it off, proceeding to tell Amadeus it's about targeting the business entities running America and setting an example by breaking them down through violence. "But what if you were to target one of these... entities... and make them pay? Actually pay? What if you never stopped?" Banner tells Amadeus, scaring the readers but also paying homage to Green Scar's line in World War Hulk #3.

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After Hulk turned Madison Square Guardian into a colosseum, he told Korg that with many humans backing him after the truth about the Illuminati's disposal of him came out, it made sense to continue the war. "Never stop making them pay," was his mantra, driven by the loss of his family on Sakaar. Well, let's hope Banner figures out exactly who has to pay and how extreme he'll go very soon because the clock's ticking down and any showdown with one of the companies Banner has in mind, such as Roxxon, could lead to another global disaster and heavy body count. After all, the Green Scar's knocking on the door and he seems ready to come out to play, whether Banner wants him to or not.

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