Marvel teams with ESPN for LeBron James tribute

Marvel has reteamed with corporate sibling ESPN to commemorate LeBron James' return to Cleveland with a special cover for ESPN The Magazine.

The illustration by Miguel Sepulveda, depicting James soaring above the city, is a sequel to the magazine's 2010 homage to "Spider-Man No More!" that marked his departure for the Miami Heat.

“We had LeBron leaving Cleveland in a rather spectacular fashion, and, in fairness, the return was just as incredible for Cavs fans,” explains ESPN The Magazine Deputy Editor Otto Strong. “The most recent image gave us an opportunity to close the loop on LeBron's time away.”

Using this year's Amazing Spider-Man #1 as a starting point, Sepulveda's illustration evolved from there. "Then Miguel tried some different positions to echo the one-handed dunk pose that LeBron is known around the world for breaking out as he sails to the rim," says Bill Rosemann, creative director of Marvel Custom Solutions.

The new issue of ESPN The Magazine, featuring the LeBron cover, is on sale now.

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