Marvel team-up: Spider-Man, Fraction and ... Lincoln?

Matt Fraction teased on CBR TV last weekend that he'll be "writing Spider-Man again sooner rather than later -- really sooner rather than later." But what he didn't say is that he'll also be writing ... Abraham Lincoln.

And "sooner" is Monday.

In this week's "MyCup o' Joe," Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada announced Marvel will release on Monday -- Presidents' Day -- a free six-page digital comic in which Spider-Man and Captain America witness the Gettysburg Address.

The comic, by Fraction and Andy MacDonald, is in honor of Lincoln's 200th birthday.

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited's Presidents' Day Weekend celebration also includes the "Spidey Meets the President" story from Amazing Spider-Man #583, with a new prologue by Zeb Wells and Todd Nauck.

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