Marvel Team-Up Returns in 2019 with a New Star Hero

Writer Eve Ewing (Ironheart) and artist Joey Vazquez (Spider-Geddon) will kick off a new era for an iconic fan-favorite series in April with Marvel Team-Up #1.

The first story arc stars Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) as they work together to investigate a failed science experiment at Empire State University.

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"I mean, they're just two characters that I adore and think are so fun. I'm enjoying getting into each of their heads and working through their strengths, weaknesses, anxieties, and challenges," Ewing told Marvel.com when asked about pairing up Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man.

When asked about their similarities and differences, Ewing said, "I love that they're both hometown heroes—people who are deeply rooted in where they're from. For this story, their age difference and cultural differences are going to matter a bit. Pete was definitely very similar to Kamala once upon a time, but now he's, you know, a grown dude. His situation with Kamala is going to force him to put himself in the mind of a teen again in some unexpected ways, and Kamala is going to have to get into the head of an adult who has been in the game a lot longer than she has."

Marvel teased a new "super secret" project from Ewing and Vazquez last week when promoting the fifth-anniversary issue of Ms. Marvel, with the two contributing a short story.

"I don't know if I've ever used the phrase 'instant classic' to describe anything before, but that's what Ms. Marvel is," Ewing added. "I think a lot of that has to do with G. Willow Wilson's writing, to be honest, and I've been really inspired by her as I've gotten things going with IRONHEART."

Marvel Team-Up #1 by Eve Ewing and Joey Vazquez goes on sale in April from Marvel Comics.

(via Chicago Tribune)

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