Fan Sets Guinness World Record For Most Marvel Comics Tattoos

black widow tattoo

What began simply enough in 2011 with a Spider-Man tattoo on his left forearm has ended for Rick Scolamiero with a Guinness World Record for the most Marvel comic book characters tattooed on the body.

The Canadian fan has 31 tattoos of Marvel comics and movie characters, which share space on his body with the likes of Bruce Lee and Tupac Shakur.

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"I fell in love with the artist’s work and wanted to continue to see what else we could come up with regarding tattoos," Scolamiero told Guinness. "I have been a Marvel comic lover since I was small and growing up we didn’t have much but I always had my Marvel comics and Marvel trading cards. They actually got me through some tough times so the idea of having them on my body forever just really appealed to me."

Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow takes aim from Scolamiero's torso, while Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk fight Fin Fang Foom on his right leg. Galactus looms large on his left shoulder, and LEGO versions of Deadpool and Daredevil mirror each other on his inside ankles. Stan Lee even signed his wrist, and so -- naturally! -- Scolamiero had the legendary creator's John Hancock transformed into a tattoo.

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And, in case you're wondering, Scolamiero's rear end is shared by The Vision and Spider-Man 2099, who will spend eternity ... cheek to cheek.

"If I had to choose which one was the most painful, I’d have to say the inside of my thigh where I have Hulk on my inner right thigh and Black Cat on my inner left thigh," Scolamiero said, looking back on 350 hours of work. "It’s all pretty manageable, though, and I’ve been told I sit pretty well, I just try to look past the pain and think about what the finished product will be!"

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