Marvel Announces Target Vader Miniseries

Marvel is continuing its successful run of Star Wars comics with a new Darth Vader miniseries event.

Target Vader was announced at today’s Star Wars Celebration Chicago panel by Assistant Editor Tom Groneman. The six-issue miniseries does not presently have a release date

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"Target Vader, six issues starring a character that we've recently reintroduced... named Valance. He originally appeared in Marvel Star Wars #16 as a cyborg bounty hunter with a vendetta against Vader," Groneman announced. "It's all about Valance and his crew pulling an impossible mission hunting down Dark Lords of the Sith.”

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Though not many details were made available during the panel, we do know Target Vader #1 is by Robbie Thompson and Marc Laming, with Nic Klein working on covers for the series. Groneman described the story as a difficult challenge for Vader, referring to Valance as "a match for Darth Vader in a way we haven't seen before."

The self-titled Darth Vader ongoing series recently concluded as it told the story of Vader hunting the last remaining Jedi. The series concluded with Vader building his fortress on Mustafar and embracing the path that had led him to become a Sith Lord.

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Making several appearances in Marvel’s 1970s run of Star Wars, Valance is a former Stormtrooper who received cybernetic enhancements following a disfiguring injury. Because of an Imperial stance on cyborgs, Valance was discharged and developed a hatred of non-humans, including cyborgs like himself.

Valance would go on to become a bounty hunter and found himself at odds with Luke Skywalker, furious that a human would form a personal relationship with droids. However, upon witnessing C-3PO willing to sacrifice his life to save Luke, Valance reconsidered his stance and secretly worked to prevent Darth Vader from finding Luke Skywalker. This brought him directly into conflict with Vader, who ultimately killed Valance in combat.

Written by Robbie Thompson with art by Marc Laming and covers by Nic Klein, Target Vader #1 currently does not have a release date.

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