Marvel: 10 Superheroes Who Are Senior Citizens

In the real world, time is usually an unforgiving concept. However, in the Marvel Universe, time forgives time and time again. The fluctuation of time never blemishes a superhero's legacy. Neither do brittle bones, denture smiles, and canes with capes.

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Luckily, several of these marvelous heroes have super serums and thunderous genes to thank for their lack of wrinkles. Also, they always moisturize.

They are not beings that look at the hourglass as half empty. Come to think of it, they don't even need an hourglass. These superheroes from the Marvel Universe can start benefiting from their AARP cards while still being powerful. Here are 10 Superheroes Who Are Senior Citizens in the Marvel Universe.

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10 Professor X

Born in 1932, Professor Charles Xavier clocks in at eighty-seven years old. The wheelchair-bound mutant has accomplished a huge amount in his near nine-decade existence.

In 1963, within his early thirties, he formed the X-Men. The superhero team battles for Xavier's ideal of peace between mutants and humans. That's no easy task as his team must battle fellow super-powered mutants along with fervid mutant hating humans. That must be why he went bald, which adds to his age. That or the fact that his psionic powers cauterized the roots of his scalp, which might have done it.

9 Bucky Barnes

Marvel's first sidekick came to be in 1925 and that makes him ninety-four years young. Always the military brat, Barnes stumbled upon Steve Rogers' changing tent in 1940. Discovering his Captain America alter ego, Rogers insists that Bucky align with him. At the tender age of fifteen, Captain America adopted Marvel's first sidekick.

As the decades mounted, Bucky always seemed to keep the Grim Reaper on hold. In 1945, he was thought to have been killed in action while diffusing a bomb on a plane. He returned as the programmed Soviet Winter Soldier sixty years later. However, preceding Rogers' assassination, Bucky adopts the Captain America mantle.

8 Magneto

The master of Magnetism (not magnet) was born in Germany during the 1920s. Nearly a century within the Marvel Universe, he is best known for his concept of mutant supremacy and separation from humanity. This always contrasted Professor Charles Xavier's dream of peace between humans and mutants. However, Magneto's ascension from X-Men villain to X-Men's leader is usually overshadowed.

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In Uncanny X-Men #200 (Vol. 1), the X-Men side with Magneto through the duration of his trial for his past offenses. All the while, his friend/foe, Professor Charles Xavier's health withers. As Magneto holds a dying Xavier, his final request is for Magneto to lead the X-Men in his absence. Magneto obliges.

7 Nick Fury

Ninety-nine years have flashed before Nick Fury's eye. The agent and leader of S.H.I.E.L.D was born in Hell's Kitchen, New York in 1920. In his early twenties, Nicholas Joseph Fury was assigned to lead the Howling Commandos during World War II. Army fatigues, free. Ammunition, free. Battling grenade wielding Nazis, an eye.

Fury's handicapped vision didn't diminish his military credentials. In the 1960s, he was persuaded by Tony Stark to direct the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Yeah, S.H.I.E.L.D sounds much better. It's easy to say that our eye-patched hero has had an eventful life in his near-century existence.

6 Namor

Have you ever heard the saying, "older than dirt?" I guess in Namor's case, he's "older than water." The Sub-Mariner was born to Captain Leonard McKenzie, a human, and Princess Fen, an Atlantean, in 1920. His heroic endeavors manifested at a young age against Nazis that attacked his undersea capital of Atlantis.

Later in the 1960s, Namor's bitterness towards land walkers grew after Atlantis had been wiped out. This was due to underwater atomic bomb tests that led him to his anti-hero perspective. Namor was brought into existence during the Golden Age of comics and has stuck around into his golden years.

5 Captain America

July 4th has always been synonymous with America's birthday. On July 4th, 1920, America had to share their birthday cake with a newborn named Steven Rogers.

Mr. Rogers' ninety-nine-year-old body has mostly been draped in 'Old Glory'. It's difficult to be labeled a young buck after knocking out Adolf Hitler over two hundred times. However, super-soldier serums go a long way in keeping him fresh as a daisy. Well, that and being a human popsicle for twenty years usually stalls the process of aging too.

If Cap's uniform or legendary heroics don't get him a restaurant discount, I'm sure his birth certificate will.

4 Wolverine


Wild savage. Adamantium berserker. Superhero. Senior citizen. Those are a few titles James 'Logan' Howlett may claim. Born in 1886, this lone wolf member of the X-Men is one hundred thirty-seven years old. The Alberta, Canada native was a born fighter. The proof is written within his military service that spans through World War I and World War II.

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His mutant healing factor aided tremendously with the battles against Nazi soldiers, HYDRA, Cyber, Sabretooth and of course Father Time. Wolverine's molasses sped maturing is fueled by his mutant ability to heal anything detrimental to his health. This includes aging.

3 Graymalkin

Bigotry has never truly had an origin and has possibly existed since the dawn of time. In the 18th century, Jonas Graymalkin was born. During his teenage years, he discovered his homosexuality. His father, Charles, also discovered this when he witnessed Jonas engaged in a sexual encounter with another boy.

Jonas was severely beaten and buried alive by his father. However, Jonas' mutant power of longevity manifested at that moment. He remained buried but alive. During the X-Men: Messiah Complex, it is revealed that the X-Mansion was built upon Jonas' burial ground. Upon the X-Mansion's destruction, Jonas is exhumed and later joins the Young X-Men.

2 The Ancient One

Being alive for half a millennium, that can bestow upon you the epithet of The Ancient One. Also, having the title of Dr. Strange's master is another elevation in rank, wisdom, and age.

The Ancient One had humble beginnings within his peaceful village of Kamar-Taj. However, his interests hovered towards mystical arts. He along with his fellow villager, Kaluu, practiced with mystic energy. The Ancient One utilized these powers to better the lives of his fellow-villagers. Kaluu, on the other hand, wanted to rule villagers. Their contrasting ideals led to vicious conflict. This led The Ancient One to vow his powers to battling dark mysticism.


Mjolnir may be an antique but Thor received it when it was new. The God of Thunder is one thousand years old. Thunderous godly genes stomp out the concept of time and aging. It doesn't hurt to have the Goddess of Life, Gaea and the God of Wisdom, Odin, as parents. So time and aging are no determining factors to Thor whatsoever.

Even with his Earthly alter ego, Donald Blake, Thor's a millennial. Well in the actual mathematical sense. His age dwarfs that of all his fellow Avengers such as Captain America, Ironman, and the Hulk. He may not look like a senior citizen but in Asgardian years he is.

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