Marvel Studios Teases Mystery "Guardians of the Galaxy" Villain, Plans Through 2028

Bloomberg Businessweek has posted a profile of Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige that not only details Feige's path to the modern Marvel Studios, but also gives quite a bit of background on some of the studio's past hit films and some very quick teases for the future -- such as James Gunn's "Guardians of the Galaxy." The piece references Gunn freezing "a frame of an imposing-looking villain any serious comic book fan would recognize instantly. He sits on a rocket-powered throne."

While the writer was sworn to secrecy about the identity of the villain -- "That could not be a bigger spoiler," said Feige -- it's likely that Thanos, who first made an appearance in the post-credits scene of "The Avengers, is the villain depicted. However, that's complete speculation at this point. A rocket-powered throne could indicate any number of Marvel villains.

Other behind-the-scenes details from the studio's past include "screaming matches" over the direction of the first "Captain America" film, which some at the studio believed might alienate younger audiences if it was set in the '40s.

"Kevin lobbied very hard for that," Marvel CCO Joe Quesada told Businessweek. "I felt strongly about it as well. It was the right thing to do. There is no way that the Steve Rogers you see in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' resonates as much with an audience if you don't see that first movie and really understand where he's coming from."

Plus, if that weren't enough, Feige confirmed that Marvel has long term plans for its cinematic universe - stretching as far as the year 2028.

"It's like looking through the Hubble telescope," Feige said, referencing a map of films for the next decade near his desk. "You go, 'What's happening back there? I can sort of see it.' They printed out a new one recently that went to 2028."

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" debuts April 4. "Guardians of the Galaxy" is set for August 1.

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