Marvel Studios, Avengers Congratulate New Opening Weekend King, "Jurassic World"

It looks like Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige took the news that Universal's "Jurassic World" beat the opening weekend box office record previously held by 2012's "The Avengers" in stride. Feige took to Twitter on Tuesday to congratulate those involved in the film -- executive producer Steven Spielberg, Legendary Pictures, producer Frank Marshall, director Colin Trevorrow and "especially" star Chris Pratt, who also headlines Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise.

In an accompanying image illustrated by comics artist and veteran Marvel concept artist Andy Park, the Avengers themselves don't seem quite as pleased to be surpassed by Pratt and a Mjolnir-wielding T-Rex.

In its June 12-June 14 opening weekend, "Jurassic World" earned a domestic total of $208.8 million, beating the $207.4 million that "The Avengers" made in 2012. "Jurassic World" also scored the highest international opening, with a total gross of $524.1 million.

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