The 10 Best Super-Soldiers In Marvel, Ranked

Due to Captain America’s popularity, the Super-Soldier program in the Marvel universe has been getting a lot of interest from fans. Back before the MCU was big, the idea of this serum wasn’t that big of a deal, and fans were more invested in mutants or Celestial beings.

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Now that the tide has shifted, it’s the right time to look into the history of characters who have been injected with the Super Soldier Serum. For this list, superheroes or supervillains who have been subjected to any kind of treatment concerning the Serum qualify as Super-Soldiers.

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10 Sentry

This guy was something like the Superman of the Marvel universe, and had powers galore to go with it. However, Sentry’s origins presented him as a slacker who underwent a Super Soldier Serum process with dire consequences.

The Serum he was injected with was an experimental dose (which was nowhere close to the safe amount), and the man known as Robert Reynolds turned into Sentry. Despite having these amazing powers, Sentry is still a failed experiment for the Super Soldier program, which doesn’t put him near the top spot. His sheer number of powers does allow him to be named among the greatest, however.

9 Anti-Cap


As the name suggests, this guy wasn’t the real deal; a fake Captain America who engaged in terrible acts while posing as the Star Spangled Man with a Plan. Due to this, he was given the name Anti-Cap, and he had the Super Soldier serum coursing through his veins as well.

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His origin story explained that he was a mentally unstable man who was fooled into undergoing the serum experiment, emerging as the Ant-Cap. While this guy was faster and stronger than Captain America, he sullied the spirit of being a hero that Steve Rogers is best known for, making him unworthy of having the “Cap” name. However, his abilities were incredible.

8 Emil Blonsky

For those who are younger, or those who’ve forgotten, The Incredible Hulk was the first MCU film to show the use of the Super Soldier Serum, and Emil Blonsky was the man it was injected into. The serum he was given was a replication of the real thing, but Blonsky demonstrated heightened abilities like super running, agility, and strength.

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He even had a very impressive showing against the Hulk by utilizing his quickness and newfound strength, although he was defeated in the end. Blonsky displayed all the impressive abilities of the serum, meaning we can’t consider him a failed super-soldier.

7 Luke Cage

The MCU doesn’t mention Luke Cage using the Super Soldier Serum, but the comics do go there. In this continuity, Luke Cage was subjected to an experiment that was based on the Super Soldier program; this was interrupted by outside forces, but Cage emerged with skin that was impenetrable.

He’s something of an extreme version of Captain America, as his powers focus on the durability afforded by the serum. On the plus side, Luke Cage is a good guy, so he at least makes the right choices with the powers he got (unlike many others). However, since Cage isn’t very well known for using the Serum, he misses out on ranking higher.

6 Black Widow

The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of this superhero never had any super abilities, and was an enhanced human based on her multitude of skills instead. The comic version, on the other hand, is one of the super soldiers. She was subjected to an experiment and forced to become one of the ruthless assassins.

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With the enhanced capabilities at her disposal, Black Widow became a feared assassin more deadly than any other known. While she’s not as powerful as the super-soldiers mentioned, Black Widow’s variety of skills other than those bestowed by the serum make her more of a threat than you might realize.

5 Red Skull

Red Skull Comic

As far as super-soldier abilities are concerned, the Red Skull gets full points. It’s because he used these powers for all the wrong reasons that we refuse to list him as among the absolute greatest.

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The final fight of Captain America: The First Avenger showed that Red Skull was more than capable of beating the Captain himself, and his willingness to commit genocide brought out the worst in him, making Red Skull enormously dangerous. In the comics, the Red Skull gained super-soldier abilities after transferring his mind into a Captain America clone – it’s a ridiculous story, but it qualifies him as a super-soldier in that canon.

4 Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier


We saw him making the most of his abilities in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and this guy was the stuff of nightmares in that film. The Winter Soldier was completely remorseless.

He was the perfect killing machine, and remained so for decades. He defeated Captain America more than once, even going on to beat Black Panther and half of the Avengers all by himself. The only ones to beat him were his physical superiors, or those conditioned to be able to take him down.

3 The Winter Soldiers

We only saw a fragment of what they could do, but this little glimpse was enough to show us that these Winter Soldiers could’ve taken over the world. We know all of what the Winter Soldier was able to do, and this group were confirmed to be even deadlier than him.

A flashback showed them beating even the Winter Soldier, before breaking out in an all-out assault. Their killer instinct knew no bounds. For all we know, they could’ve been considered the greatest super-soldiers, but it’s their lack of confirmed feats that denies them the top spot.

2 Deadpool

The Deadpool movies in the X-Men film series don’t use the term “Super Soldier Serum”, but that is exactly what Wade Wilson got injected with. The comics were allowed to use this terminology, and we witnessed Wade Wilson becoming part of the Weapon Plus program.

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Through this grim process, the Merc with a Mouth was born. His Super Soldier Serum focused on his healing ability, which turned out to be something of a curse (since he can never die). However, Wade has made the most of this curse, and it pairs perfectly with his willingness to leap into battle against any odds. Let's just be glad that he's a good guy (well, sometimes).

1 Captain America

Captain America Avengers: Endgame poster

While Captain America might not have the best durability, speed, or strength of the super-soldiers, he is the one who carries the spirit of being a superhero the best way possible.

He stays within his limits, as he knows the consequences of straying too far from one’s morals. If Captain America unleashed himself, he has the cunning and resources to beat every super-soldier out there. Steve Rogers shows that the Super Soldier Serum is something that only gives him heightened physical abilities; it's his heart and will that makes him the worthiest man to undergo this transformation. There can never be a person more deserving of this gift.

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