10 of Marvel's Most Powerful Evil Gods, Ranked

The world of Marvel gods is wide and varied, and while the Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned gods into nothing more than aliens, they tend to have real-world roots. The beings in the comics come from all regions and belief systems, including Christianity, Norse, Greek, and even the comic line's own fictional brand of mythological beings. As with any set of gods, while there are good, pure ones, there are also evil incarnations.

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Thor and Odin are the top of the line when it comes to the Marvel gods popular with most fans. However, there is also the lineage of Zeus, including occasional Avenger Hercules, and the gods from races such as the symbiotes. Add in the Eternals and the New Gods, and some of Marvel's most powerful characters are included in the pantheon of the gods.

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Enchantress is a Norse god mostly known for her beauty -- considered perfect in just about every way. Amora was born in Asgard, but was banished after she failed in a mission (given to her by Odin) to rid Thor of the woman he loved -- Jane Foster. Over time, she became one of the most powerful practitioners of magic in Asgard, with the ability to both charm and control minds.

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She did not fight much, but she was able to get others to do so for her, with Skurge the Executioner the best-known of her lackeys. When Enchantress ended up banished to Earth, she worked as a basic villain in groups like the Masters of Evil, but always had plans and desires above those of her human villain allies.



Ares is from the Greek line of gods, the God of War. Originally, he appeared in the pages of Thor, as a villain to the Norse God of Thunder and his own half-brother Hercules. With Hercules the favored son to Zeus (and the favored hero to humans who no longer worshipped war), he became a true villain.

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He worked as a godlike villain, teaming at times with his uncle, Pluto. He also worked with human villains, such as Norman Osborn. He has the basic power of the Olympian gods and is also able to manipulate war and instigate conflicts among races.


Possibly the most famous of Marvel's evil gods is Loki, the Norse God of Mischief. This is because he was the villain of Thor and The Avengers, and an anti-hero in Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok. He proved his mettle in every case, and while he needed lackeys as a bad guy in the MCU, he was a true fighter in the other instances.

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In the comics, Loki is even more powerful. It was Loki that controlled Hulk and caused the Avengers to team up to begin with. Loki has manipulated things throughout the last five decades of comic book stories, and is one of Marvel's most powerful characters.



Moving back over to the Olympians, Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld. While he currently goes by the name Pluto and his realm is Hades, this villain is the oldest son of Cronus and the brother of Zeus. He ruled over Hades but he also took many opportunities to try to destroy Earth as well.

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Hades possesses the power of most Olympian gods, but as one of Cronus' children, his power is superior to most Olympians. On top of his godlike powers, Hades also has strong magical powers. He is the Death God and holds the power of life and death when it comes to the gods of Olympus.


Hela Comic

In Marvel Comics, Hela is the daughter of Loki and a sorceress giantess. As a result of that union, she was foretold to have great powers, so Odin was proactive and made her the goddess of the dead, ruler of Hel and Niflheim. She was a powerful evil Marvel god, but that was nothing compared to the MCU.

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Hela appeared in Thor: Ragnarok and received a completely different origin and a giant boost in powers. Instead of being Loki's daughter, Hela was Odin's sister and the heir to the throne of Asgard. She fought and single-handedly killed all of Asgard's army and assumed control. Only Surtur could defeat her in the end.


Up next is someone that was seen in the critical disasters that were the Ghost Rider movies. Mephisto is basically Marvel's version of the Devil and he rules over Hell, although Marvel chose to reveal years after his introduction that he isn't "that" Devil and it isn't "that" Hell.

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Regardless, as Ghost Rider showed, Mephisto is someone who can't really be defeated. His biggest power is as a deal-maker, and when he strikes deals, they are almost impossible to renege on. He saved Johnny Blaze's father's life in exchange for Johnny's soul and then let his dad die in a different way. Never forget the deal he made with Peter Parker to save Aunt May. This guy is very powerful and a jerk to boot.



Chthon is one of the original Elder Gods that existed at the start of the universe. Over the time that these gods ruled the planet Earth, Chthon became the first ever black magician on the planet. When the Elder Gods began to degenerate into demons, the God-Eater came for them, but Chthon escaped into another dimension.

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Over the years, Chthon has continued to influence matters on Earth. The first vampires were created using his powers. He also touched a baby girl, intending to use her as a future vessel, and that girl grew to become the Scarlet Witch. He is one of the most powerful Elder Gods and is a master of dark and chaos magic.


With the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos sits at the top of the list of the most powerful evil Marvel gods. However, even without that gauntlet and the Infinity Stones, Thanos is still a very powerful member of the New Gods, someone who can beat just about anyone who opposes him.

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As the villain in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Thanos proved to have the power and will to destroy half the universe. At the same time, two different Avengers members killed him, so how powerful is he really? The thing about Thanos is that he always returns and is never down for good. He is as powerful as they come in the comics, and is one of the most powerful gods of all-time.

2 Cul


Cul Borson was the older brother of Odin and became the All-Father and ruler of Asgard following his father's death. Cul was already bitter, putting the fear gods into the giants and reeling from the loss of the love of his life. He used his title as the All-Father to spread fear throughout the Nine Realms, becoming a very evil Marvel god.

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Cul was eventually defeated and overthrown. However, like all evil gods, he would not remain down, returning during the Fear Itself crossover event. Outside of his powers as an Asgardian god, Cul also had the power to manipulate magic and feed upon the fear of others to gain power himself. As long as people fear, he develops limitless power levels.


chaos king

Chaos King, also known as Amatsu-Mikaboshi, is the God of Evil, Chaos and the Stars to those of the Shinto religion in Japan. Chaos King is not only an all-powerful evil Marvel god, but he is one that loves to throw his weight around by trying to kill other gods.

During one of the Norse gods' many versions of Ragnarok, he decided to take the time to attack the Olympians. He figured he could wipe out all gods and be the last one standing. He even killed Zeus, so that shows the range of his powers. He can also control and lead the dead, so his powers are such that few can compete.

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