Marvel Strike Force Recruits Agent Coulson, Graviton & AIM

Marvel Strike Force is adding a new roster of characters to the mobile game.

Fan-favorite character Agent Phil Coulson joins the ever-growing roster. Coulson will assist fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. allies in Alliance War Defense, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic’s heal always revives him after his energy wears out.

Other new characters joining the fray include Graviton, as well as a variety of A.I.M. agents and scientists, including Scientist Supreme, A.I.M. Infector, A.I.M. Monstrosity, A.I.M. Security, A.I.M. Assaulter and A.I.M. Researcher.

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Graviton's powers allow him to warp and manipulate gravity to inflict a lethal combination of Stuns and Slows onto enemies, eventually finishing them off with damage that increases with every debuff. Furthermore, he can halt the movement of the fastest enemy with speed bar reduction.

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Among the A.I.M. contingent, the A.I.M. Monstrosity is a hard hitter who inflicts a debuff on himself in exchange for brutal strength. Each attack from Monstrosity is always on target, and he can buff fellow A.I.M. allies with “Offense Up." Meanwhile, On Researcher’s turn, players can grant an ally a random positive effect. They also inflict “Offense Down” to enemies and can heal the lowest health allies and surrounding units.

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Marvel Strike Force is currently available to play for free on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

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