X-Corp: Marvel Stealth Announces A New X-Men Series

Marvel Comics plans on adding to its X-Men line of comics in February 2020 with the debut of X-Corp. Although an official announcement has not been made, the publisher revealed it through a stealth announcement in the letters page of this week's Captain Marvel #11.

Artist Carmen Carnero penned a heartfelt goodbye to the readers of Captain Marvel, where she announced she was leaving the series. Below her letter is a note from editorial stating, "Don't let Carmen out of your sights! Follow her into the pages of X-CORP, the latest in the wave of genre-defining X-Men books! Issue #1 is on sale February 2!"

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Marvel's first Dawn of X comics features X-Men (on sale now), New MutantsMauradersExcalibur, Fallen Angels and X-Force. A solo Wolverine title by writer Benjamin Percy and artists Adam Kubert and Victor Bogdonavic was announced at New York Comic Con, with the title scheduled to arrive in February as well. X-Men architect Jonathan Hickman also revealed a solo title for Moira MacTaggert, aka Moira X, is also in the works with a writer who has already signed onto the project.

While there are no details on the exact plot for X-Corp, a similar name was used in the early 2000s for a mutant police force that called themselves X-Corps. There is a possibility X-Corp operates in the same manner, except for mutants on Krakoa. Another possibility is X-Corp is tasked with investigating some of the inconsistencies involved with bringing dead mutants back to life.

X-Men #1 is on sale now.

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