Marvel's Star Wars Just Gave Luke Skywalker a Major Rogue One Connection

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars #71, by Greg Pak, Phil Noto and VC's Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

Marvel's Star Wars comic has worked to fill in the gaps between the films in the original trilogy, like in the current "Rebels and Rogues" arc. There have previously been references to Solo: A Star Wars Story -- in the forms of threads of coaxium. However, issue #71 takes things a step further by connecting Luke Skywalker to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Luke is on Sergia in the Inner Rim trying to ascertain valuable information for the Rebel Alliance and various fleets being stalked by the Empire. He wants data on Imperial scouts hunting the Rebellion members down, and runs into Warba, a pseudo-junker who can harness the Force even though she's not a Jedi. It's similar to the kid with the broom at the end of Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but here, Warba goes a step further, as she teaches Luke a mantra: "I am one with the Force. And the Force is with me." This is the iconic line from Rogue One uttered by the the staff-wielding Chirrut Îmwe and his gunman comrade Baze Malbus.

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When Warba teaches the quote to Luke, he starts believing he's actually meant to be a Jedi Knight, and takes out an Imperial blockade of droids and soldiers on his own. He feels attuned to the Force, and as he's less restless, he uses his lightsaber and Force telekinesis to great effect in battle.

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Luke is clearly stoked happy about how the phrase centers him, not to mention how it brings him luck in battle. Coincidentally, Chirrut used this catchphrase while fighting off numerous Imperial soldiers in Rogue One, which was set just before A New Hope began, and after he died on Scarif trying to take down a deflector shield so data could reach Leia, Baze co-opted the phrase to remember his dead old friend.

The latter previously lost interest in it, as Baze and Chirrut were members of Guardian of the Whills, protectors of the lore of the Jedi and their texts, but like the Jedi, they too became a dying breed. Chirrut, though, stuck with the old ways, annoying Baze who felt they clung to an arcane way of life that had to go. Chirrut died due to an explosion, after surviving insurmountable odds with an Imperial legion shooting at him, with Baze eventually perishing due to a grenade, but by that time, the data had been already sent off to Leia, helping the Rebellion to eventually destroy the Death Star.

But while many felt the mantra died on Scarif, it's intriguing to know they live on with Warba. We don't know her past, but she gets Luke carry it on in the future. Admittedly, seeing Warba reciting this line and teaching it to Luke does make you wonder where she learned it, and if any similar individuals are still alive somewhere. Chirrut and Baze were on Jedha, so it could be Warba's family was from there, too. Only time will tell, but as of now, she's there to connect Luke to his heritage in ways Obi-Wan or Yoda never did.

Star Wars #72 goes on sale Oct. 2.

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