Marvel Celebrates Stan Lee's Life With Tribute Video

The world of comics lost one of its greatest names yesterday, when writer Stan Lee, the man who created the Marvel Universe, passed away. Today, Marvel Entertainment pays tribute to Lee with a special video celebrating Lee's life and looking back on his career.

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Uploaded on the company's Twitter, the video starts off with news footage of Lee from 1968. "I'm Stan Lee" Lee says as the video starts. "I've been writing stories for the young generation for the past 30 years." What follows is commentary about what he had learned during his time as a writer, as well as what he hoped to accomplish. The video begins showing both old photographs and footage of Lee throughout his career, cut together with interviews featuring Joe Quesada, Tom Brevoort, Dan Buckley and Sana Amanat.

"He built American mythology," Amanat says, "because stories are really what stay with us."

During the video, Quesada, Brevoort, Buckley and Amanat all talk about what Lee did for comics, such as championing diversity and equality in comics, and the impact Lee had on the industry. As the video comes to a close, Amanat ends it by saying: "There will never be a world without Stan Lee. He's the heart of the Marvel Universe."

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While Lee is no longer with us, the works he produced and the characters he created will serve as his legacy. His creative genius inspired many future creators during his career, and may do so for generations to come, with the lessons he taught readers and the imaginations he helped influence.

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