Marvel Announces One-Act Plays Intended for High School Productions

Marvel Entertainment has officially launched Marvel Spotlight, a collection of one-act stage plays that star different Marvel superheroes and are designed for the teenage demographic. The first round of scripts are for plays starring Thor and Loki; Squirrel Girl; and Ms. Marvel, respectively.

Written by two-time Tony-winning actor Christian Borle, Hammered: A Thor & Loki Play revolves around teenage versions of the Gods of Thunder and Mischief competing for the favor of their parents through Asgardian rites of passage.

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Penned by Karen Zacarías, founder of the Young Playwrights' Theater, Squirrel Girl Goes to College: A Squirrel Girl Play follows Doreen Green as she attempts to balance her studies at Empire State University with her superheroing.

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Finally, written by award-winning composer and playwright Masi Asare, Mirror of Most Value: A Ms. Marvel Play stars Kamala Khan on journey of self-acceptance as she struggles with letting her desire for superhero fame take priority over her school life and personal relationships.

All three plays are currently available for retail purchase and licensing within the educational theater market through Samuel French. The script covers and official synopses for each play can be found below.

As Thor struggles with the stress of final exams, his brother Loki finds himself under a different sort of pressure. Neither are beneath pranks in the endless competition for their parents’ favor. But underneath all the thunder and mischief, these two Princes of Asgard discover a bond that will last millennia.

Doreen arrives at Empire State University to make new friends – and protect them from super villains – by keeping her super hero identity a secret. But when a beloved computer science professor suddenly disappears, can Doreen trust her friends with her inner squirrel so she can save the day?

Kamala attempts to boost Ms. Marvel’s fledgling super hero profile by writing her own fan fiction. But when building a fandom becomes an obsession, Kamala’s schoolwork and relationships begin to suffer. To become the Jersey City hero of her dreams, Kamala must learn to accept herself just as she is – imperfections and all.

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Marvel Spotlight is self-described as "an all-new way to experience some of the greatest heroes ever! A series of plays developed for teenagers, Marvel Spotlight explores the humans behind your favorite Super Heroes as they balance mastering their newfound powers while facing the real-world challenges of young adults."

"Marvel tells the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and the best part of Marvel Spotlight is that you get to interpret them in your own way as you expand the Marvel Universe into a whole new medium – on your own stage, in your community!"

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