Spidergeddon is Coming to the Marvel Universe in Late 2018


As if the Marvel Universe didn't have enough to worry about with Thanos, Requiem and the Infinity Wars on the horizon, Marvel Comics has announced its next major Spider-Man based event with a new, incredibly cryptic teaser.

Spidergeddon is coming.

The announcement -- which comes without a creative team, a specific date, or even any art -- simply states "SPIDERGEDDON IS NIGH." And while past teasers from Marvel that have appeared to be plain have yielded further clues when manipulated in Photoshop, this one is exactly what it appears to be: white block text on a plain black background.

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Or is the color scheme itself a clue? After all, it was announced just last month that one of the developments coming in Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley's soon-to-be-relaunched Amazing Spider-Man is that Peter Parker will find himself wearing the classic black and white costume for reasons we don't yet know. Whatever it is that causes Peter to ditch the red and blue webbed suit could have greater implications that we realize.

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Another possibility is that this has something to do with Miles Morales and the recently re-introduced Ultimate Universe. After all, we have yet to see him even learn of the return of the reality he came from, and still remembers. It would make sense that a revelation like that would be big enough to warrant its own event, though how the name "Spidergeddon" would work with such a storyline is unclear.

And then there's Spider-Gwen, whose solo series is headed for its big conclusion. The character is certainly popular enough that it's not a stretch to think that she may be spun directly into a new adventure once her current title comes to an end.

Whatever the case, we know for sure Spidergeddon is in the future, and odds are pretty good that it will spell trouble, if not doom, for at least some members of the extended Spider-family when it arrives.

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