Marvel Will Finally Answer a Decades-Long Spider-Man Mystery


Marvel has released another teaser image for the changes it plans to implement to the continuity of its superhero universe in March.

Following on the heels of the Fantastic Four teaser this morning, the new teaser promises to reveal who brought the Amazing Spider-Man back after he hung up his costume in the iconic "Spider-Man: No More" story arc.

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"Spider-Man: No More" took place in The Amazing Spider-Man #50-52 and involved Peter Parker retiring from being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man over the lack of respect he received from the general public. The image of the Spider-Man costume laying in a garbage can as Peter walked away in the rain is the lasting image from the storyline, along with the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #50, which can conveniently be found in the background of the latest Marvel teaser.

Both of this morning's teasers hint at Marvel's history being destroyed in March, but it's the presence of the word "Who" in the images that caught our eye. They are both highlighted in an orange hue as if they are lit on fire. Perhaps whoever is changing history is a fire-based character, or the letters W-H-O are an acronym with a greater meaning, possibly a clue to the person or group's identity.

CBR will continue to bring you updates as more Marvel teasers are released.

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