Marvel Celebrates Spider-Man Day with His 9 Best Suits - and Scarlet Spider

August 1 marks Spider-Man Day, celebrating the 57th anniversary of the character's first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, and Marvel has kicked off the celebration with a short animation that gives a run-down of nine of the web slinger's greatest costumes - and the Scarlet Spider suit.

The video swings through Spider-Man's history, giving brief overviews of some of his most iconic looks. Beginning with Steve Ditko's original Classic suit, the video highlights ten costumes from the comic.

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Among the suits included are the John Romita's Updated Classic suit (which notably removed the webbing from the armpits of the suit and changed the shape of the eyepieces, making them more expressive), the infamous Symbiote suit (which would go on to become Venom), the Future Foundation suit, Iron Spider suit (complete with mechanical arms), and the Miles Morales suit, before concluding with the Superior Spider-Man suit. Each suit is lovingly animated and given a brief description before moving on to the next.

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When Stan Lee and Steve Ditko first created Spider-Man, they could not have foreseen the impact that the character has had on the world of comics. The character remains remarkably popular, and Marvel giving fans a trip through Spidey's wardrobe is a charming way to honor Spider-Man on the anniversary of his first amazing adventure.


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