Marvel: The 10 Rarest Spider-Man Comics (& What They're Worth)

With great power comes great responsibility. That has been the mantra of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, for over half a century. Since his introduction in 1962, he has tried to maintain that posture while battling some of the strangest villains that graced New York City. And we're not talking giant rats here.

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Though Spidey has starred in numerous comics, annuals, graphic novels, and nature magazines, his original run in Amazing Spider-Man is the one fans cherish the most. It also contains the rarest comics around, especially the earliest issues. To provide an example, here are the 10 rarest Spider-Man comics and what they're worth.

10 Amazing Spider-Man #50 - $50,000

There have been plenty of iconic Spider-Man covers over the years. One of the most-imitated is 1967's Amazing Spider-Man #50Drawn by Jaunty John Romita, it shows Peter walking away from his career as a web-slinger, encouraging himself to be Spider-Man no more.

Of course, he doesn't do this, even though an iconic full-page panel shows him throwing his costume in the garbage. It's simply the build-up of real-life pressures that cause him to make the choice. However, before someone can grab it to be one of those costumed characters in Times Square, Peter decides he needs to keep honoring the death of Uncle Ben. Other than that, nothing much happens. Well, there's an introduction of this guy named Kingpin, but that doesn't matter.

9 Amazing Spider-Man #9 - $54,000

While there are copies of this 1964 comic still out there, very few are at near-mint condition. So, if you do own a nearly pristine copy, then see if you can get it appraised. It could be worth at least $54,000 to you.

That's if you want to part with the issue that introduces Electro to the family of villains. Sure, his mask is ... okay, just call it stupid. Nevertheless, this criminal has some serious power. He actually defeats Spidey in the middle of the story. However, thanks to his original identity as nerdy science geekwad, Peter puts on a pair of rubber gloves to defeat Electro. Sorry about the spoilers.

8 Amazing Spider-Man #13 - $94,000

Again, there are still copies of this comic out there, but very few at like-new status. This is one reason why the its current CGC value is $94,000. The other possible reason is 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home theatrical release that introduced the MCU version of the villain Mysterio.

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In this episode of The Young & the Spider-Man, Peter wonders if he has multiple personality disorder when the news reports the robbery of several establishments from the Wall-Crawler. Turns out Mysterio, a person who claims to be a hero that can track Spider-Man, has been portraying  him and duplicating his abilities. Zoom-in on Peter's pained expression as the orchestra crescendos to a commercial break.

7 Amazing Spider-Man #14 - $130,000

The first appearance of the Green Goblin? Of course it's a rarity in near-perfect condition. It introduces the archest of arch-villains to the Spider-verse. In fact, this issue is chock full of other appearances that qualify its highest sales value of $130,000.

Gobby and the recently released Enforcers (introduced in #10) team up and lure Spidey to L.A. where he's supposedly going to star in a film. As usual, Peter gets conned out of money, defeats the Goblin and Enforcers, and ends up finding the Hulk -- barely incredible at that point -- in his hiding place. In the end, the producer who lured Peter into this scheme decides to do a Hulk movie instead. Obviously, he didn't see into the future.

6 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 - $165,000

This is an early Amazing Spider-Man issue that is rare across all conditions, hence its top value of $165,000. It's also the origin of the Sinister Six. Basically, all of the major villains introduced since the series began together in one team. It was a way for  Stan the Man and Sensational Steve Ditko to economize.

The annual packs in 72 pages for a paltry 25 cents -- $150 in today's economy. Not only does Spidey battle each villain on colorful splash pages, but he fights Dock Ock underwater. In addition, the annual features biographical pages on each villain, a section on Spider-Man's powers and gadgets, and a comic on how Stan and Steve created the Web-Head.

5 Amazing Spider-Man #3 - $270,000

Dock Ock has been a thorn in Spider-Man's side forever, even taking over his life at one point. It all started in Amazing Spider-Man #3. A comic that, in near-mint condition, garners a top price of nearly $300,000.

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The cover offers readers an air of mystery. Spidey is shown up against a wall, arms and legs akimbo and held by metal arms. Meanwhile, a shaded Doctor Octopus soliloquizes about his great power to destroy Spider-Man.  However, instead of ending the comic book so soon, Peter Parker, the Science Guy, concocts some chemicals to fuse Ock's metal arms.

4 Amazing Spider-Man #2 - $750,000

A rare comic to find in mint condition, it merits a $750,000 price tag if discovered. It could be for a few reasons. One, it's the issue right after Spidey got his own book. Two, it introduces a character that was used in Spider-Man: Homecoming -- the Vulture  

The cover is beautiful in its design and shows how advanced Marvel was in illustration (thanks, Steve Ditko) and inking. It's could be something normally seen in the later years by artists like Neal Adams. This is also the first time readers see Spidey's belt camera. How did he focus that thing? Oh, get your minds out of the gutter!

3 Amazing Fantasy #15 - $1,100,000

When Amazing Fantasy #15, featuring the first appearance of Spider-Man, sold at auction in 2011 for $1.1 million, people probably thought it would be the highest total for one of his comics. Yet, it ranks number three on the list. Nevertheless, if you have a pristine copy of this comic hidden in your attic, it might be time to cash it in.

There are no super-villains in this tale, no  symbiote costumes, no variant covers. The two-part tale tells the story of a bookish teenager, loving cared for by his aunt and uncle, who happens to get bitten by a radioactive spider. The injury grants him great powers, fixes his eyesight, and clears his acne. However, Peter doesn't learn about the great responsibility that comes with these abilities until his Uncle Ben is killed. From that point on, Spider-Man makes sure no one dies on his watch ... at least on paper.

2 Amazing Spider-Man #4 - $1,350,000

The last copy of this issue in near-mint condition sold in 2011 for $210,000. However, thanks to the increase in popularity for the hero and the introduction of the Sandman, the estimated value is now up to $1.35 million. Start looking in your comic boxes now for a copy where the red cover hasn't faded.

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In addition to Flint Marko's introduction, it's the first time viewers get to see Peter's pre-M.J./pre-Gwen love interest Betty Brant. It may also be the last of his love interests with an alliterative name. Other than that, it's the usual for Peter -- he captures some jewel robbers, battles Sandman, fails at love, and contemplates the reasons why he became the Wall-Crawler in the first place. This attitude doesn't change until ... actually, has it ever changed?

1 Amazing Spider-Man #1 - $1,450,000

Get thee to an auction if you have an almost-mint copy of Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 #1. In 2016, a 9.6 CGC-rated book sold for $450,000. A 9.8 will go for $1.45 million.

The episode starts shortly after Amazing Fantasy #15. Peter doesn't want to wear the webbed suit again. All he wants to do is help his Aunt May pay the rent. This is about the time J. Jonah Jameson decides to go all-Trump on Spidey and declare him an enemy to New York City. Even when he saves J3's son from a failed space launch he doesn't get the credit he deserves. Oh, the issue also features the 1st appearance of the Chameleon, and the Fantastic Four, and blah, blah, blah. Saves an astronaut, people!

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