Marvel's Spider-Man Retells Origin Story in Animated Short

The wall-crawler's origin is retold in a new short promoting Marvel's Spider-Man animated series.

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Released by Disney XD, the four-minute short -- it can be viewed at Entertainment Weekly -- depicts Spider-Man swinging through the streets of New York City and coming across Oscorp Industries. That triggers a flashback to a field trip where we meet supporting characters Harry Osborn and Liz Allan, along with future foes Mr. Smythe and his son Alister.

After Peter Parker finds a peculiar-looking blue-and-red spider crawling on a wall, a siren goes off and a guard alerts everyone to a group of spiders breaking out of their containment units. Then the one thing that can unsettle a scientist comes into play: chance. Right when it looks as if Harry and his partner Alister will get to examine a new robot, Harry decides to let Peter and Liz go first. Of course, the spider bites Peter, and the short ends with the nauseated teen inadvertently using his newfound super-strength to knock down a restroom door.

Marvel's Spider-Man will premiere later this summer on Disney XD. However, ahead of the launch the cable network will a new animated short each day, from July 24 to July 29, on television and on its YouTube Channel.

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Although there’s been no confirmation by either Marvel Television or Disney XD, merchandise recently surfaced suggesting that Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen will have prominent roles on the series; Venom is also depicted. Both Miles Morales and Spider-Woman (aka Spider-Gwen) appeared on Ultimate Spider-Man, which premiered in 2012 as part of Disney XD’s Marvel Universe programming block.

No casting announcements have been made for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Philip Pignotti (Marvel’s Avengers Assemble) is the supervising director, with Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken) serving as story editor. Consulting producers are Dan Slott (Spider-Man: Big Time, The Superior Spider-Man), Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt (Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man).

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