Marvel: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Spider-Man 2099

When it comes to the multiverse and alternate versions of heroes within the Marvel Universe, there is one hero in particular fans have come to know and love that has a plethora of alternate versions of himself across the multiverse. That hero is none other than Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker.

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One of the most popular of his alternate reality personas has to be Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of the Marvel 2099 universe. A future version of the hero in the Marvel Universe, Miguel has a vastly different origin story to that of Peter Parker. Let’s take a look at ten things fans should know about Spider-Man 2099.

10 Wins Entry Into Alchemex School

Spider-Man 2099 began life as simply Miguel O’Hara, a genius level intellect as a youth who won entry into Alchemex’s School For Gifted Youngsters in Westchester, a revised version of Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters, otherwise known as the X-Men. Miguel was born in New York City at the tail end of what would become known as the Heroic Age, the modern day Marvel Universe of heroes.

Befriending a young girl with his same level of intellect named Xina, the two become close and end up dating for a bit as adults, but the relationship falls apart after Miguel has an affair.

9 Become Head Of Genetics

Miguel’s origin story to become Spider-Man began after he was named the Head of Genetics at Alchemex. His job was to create corporate super-soldiers that could be controlled called corporate raiders. He was inspired by the exploits of Spider-Man from the main Marvel Universe, and hoped to create another version of the hero in his lifetime.

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After a subject passes away during an experiment, Miguel feels guilty and tries to quit, but the VP of R&D Tyler Stone tricks him into drinking an addictive substance, attempting to blackmail him. Instead he uses his own experiment to rewrite his DNA to cure his addiction, but instead gains 50% of his genetics from a spider.

8 Befriends Prophet Of Thor

When he first mutated into a Spider-Man hero, Miguel used his armor to fight his pursuers and find a cure for his condition. However, as he worked he began to see he had been blind to the evil that corporations like Alchemex had been doing to the world, and his heroics had begun to inspire others, including his own mother.

Deciding to embrace his identity, Miguel became Spider-Man 2099. He soon learned after that a scientist at Alchemex named Jordon Boone had been experimenting to create a doorway into another dimension. This leads to two figures emerging, The Net Prophet and Thanatos. The Net Prophet befriends Miguel, and the Thorites believe The Net Prophet to be Thor’s prophet.

7 Takes Down Alchemex’s Valhalla

Spider-Man 2099 ushered in the first of the major crossovers between himself and the other Marvel 2099 heroes when he went up against Alchemex and their floating city dubbed “Valhalla”. It was there he discovered that Alchemex was taking ordinary citizens, giving them the powers of the Norse gods like Thor and Heimdall, and brainwashing them into believing they were the real gods.

Teaming up with Doom 2099, Ravage, X-Men 2099, and more, Spider-Man fought to stop Alchemex, who was using the brainwashed false gods to do their bidding. The heroes fought and defeated Aesir, and Valhalla falls as a result.

6 Stopped End Of Heroic Age

One of the first times that Miguel met his inspiration, original Spider-Man Peter Parker, came during the 1995 series Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man. In this story, Miguel and Peter both woke up to discover they had switched places, with Miguel in the past and Peter in the year 2099.

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It is discovered that Alchemex in 2099 and Fujikawa in the Heroic Age are running experiments on temporal energy generators, and Miguel discovers this temporal anomaly is what causes the end of the Heroic Age. After fighting Eddie Brock (and Peter facing Vulture 2099), the two join forces to combat the female Hobgoblin of 2211 (from an alternate Earth), alongside her father Spider-Man.

5 Takes Control Of Alchemex

During a time where Miguel discovered not only was the addictive substance forced upon him by Tyler Stone only temporary, but that Stone himself is his father, Miguel left New York for a while, going on adventures in the desert and facing homicidal robots and more.

Upon his return to New York however, he discovered Doom had become President of the United States and had taken control of the corporations. He named Tyler Stone to his cabinet, and as a result Miguel was offered to run Alchemex. He accepted, knowing he could not only change the company from within, but use his influence to order law enforcement to stop chasing Spider-Man 2099.

4 Brother Becomes Villain

Miguel’s time as the head of Alchemex came with a ton of problems for him and Spider-Man 2099 to face. Not only does he face Venom 2099, as the symbiote survived into the future and found a new host body, but their battle leads to the loss of his former girlfriend Dana.

Later a new Goblin villain arises, and begins a smear campaign against Spider-Man 2099. While battling Neo-Atlantean citizens, discovering his mother had shot his birth father Tyler Stone, and facing untold threats, he discovered his brother Gabe is the Goblin, as Gabe grew jealous of his now heroic brother.

3 Ushered In Era Of Peace

After the end of his original series, Spider-Man 2099 appeared in the 2099: World Of Tomorrow storyline. After the Phalanx, an alien race with the techno-organic virus, attempt to conquer what remains of Earth after the polar ice caps melt and destroy much of the world, Spider-Man works with Doom 2099 to stop the alien invaders.

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After Doom sacrifices himself and stops the threat, Miguel rebuilds Alchemex, marries Xina, and revives Steve Rodgers, giving him Mjolnir. Soon however Steve is jettisoned into space, and gives Mjolnir to Miguel, who is worthy to wield it. He uses it to help him usher in an era of peace for a thousand years, until the year 3099.

2 Assists In Spider-Verse

After the timeline is disrupted and Miguel is sent to the present day Marvel Universe, Miguel finds himself able to return to his timeline during the Spider-Verse event, traveling with other spider heroes to his world in order to use future technology to not only trap the Inheritor Daemos, but to find the weakness in the Inheritors to stop them.

He joins the other spider heroes, including Lady Spider, in the fight against the Inheritors on Loomworld, eventually defeating the Inheritors. After most of the other spiders are sent to their home worlds, Miguel and Spider-Gwen help stop Superior Spider-Man from destroying the Web Of Life and Destiny in an attempt to alter his fate.

1 Trapped In Past

After the events of Secret Wars, Miguel finds himself trapped in the past. Accepting a job from Peter Parker to help run Parker Industries, he attempts to leave his life as Spider-Man 2099 behind. However he soon discovers a plot from an organization called The Fist.

He works with Roberta Mendez, the Captain America of Marvel 2099, to stop threats and investigate The Fist. It is discovered through Elektra that The Fist is an off-shoot of The Hand, who plans on destroying the United States. After several time-travel adventures to stop The Fist, Miguel succeeds, but has his life taken in the process until he is returned to 2099 and revived by Doctor Strange 2099.

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