Marvel Signs Writer Dan Slott Exclusive Contract

Official Press Release

Comics are the creative outlet for writer Dan Slott and his hard work and unique knack for storytelling has led him to signing an exclusive contract with the House of Ideas!

The writer's professional star has been on the rise for several years now, initially knocking 'em dead at Marvel with VENOM: SINNER TAKES ALL and a hilarious stint on the REN & STIMPY comic. He then went on to DC books like JLA and ARKHAM ASYLUM. Of late he's been hard at work on SPIDER-MAN/HUMAN TORCH, the upcoming G.L.A., and fan-favorite SHE-HULK --which will return in October.

How does the prolific writer feel about his new berth on the Good Ship Marvel? "Couldn't be happier!" he exclaimed. "I grew up on Marvel. The first super hero comics I ever read were my cousin's copies of FANTASTIC FOUR #48, #49, and #50! And when you think about it, how messed up is that? Giving a little kid your copies of the Galactus Trilogy to read? Those are some of the greatest comics ever made! They're like the comic book equivalent of a crack pipe. Soon after, I was asking my dad if he could start me up on an allowance-- a quarter a week to feed my new habit. And I've never looked back."

"Dan puts the fun and funny back into 'funny books'," shouts out Joe Quesada, Marvel Editor-in-Chief. "Heck, he even makes me laugh! Many times I'll read an issue of his SHE-HULK instead of watching one of those boring TV legal shows…I guarantee its much more entertaining!"

Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley concurs but points out the other side of Slott's writing. "I've never figured out exactly how a truly funny guy like Dan can also write such great serious comics. But now that he's settling in here at Marvel I guess I can just ask him! Congrats, Dan! Glad to have you with us!"

What does the immediate future hold for Slott? This April brings the debut of his new G.L.A. title (that's GREAT LAKES AVENGERS, of course). The ersatz Avengers will try to fill the gap left by the departure of the real Earth's Mightiest Heroes...if they can stay alive from issue to issue, that is. The month of May will see the conclusion of Slott's SPIDER-MAN / HUMAN TORCH miniseries, as the on-again-off-again friendship of two of NYC's greatest heroes reaches a boiling point.

After that, Slott plays a bit hard-to-get. "This August, I'll be the writer on a new "secret" monthly book for Marvel, starring one of their top-tier characters. I don't know if we can let the cat out of the bag just yet."

[Editor's Note: For more with Slott, don't miss our December, 2004 interview with the writer.]

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