Marvel Signs Artist Manuel Garcia To Exclusive Deal

Marvel Comics has announced they've signed "Spider-Man: Breakout" artist Manuel Garcia to an exclusive contract. For more on that series, check out our recent interview with series writer Tony Bedard. The full press release, as well as preview art from issue #2, follows.

Official Press Release

Marvel Comics is thrilled to announce that amazing artist Manuel Garcia has accepted an exclusive contract with the House of Ideas.

Garcia first worked for Marvel on the DAREDEVIL film adaptation. From there it was an issue of AVENGERS, a short stint on THUNDERBOLTS and then on to wowing 'em as regular penciller on MYSTIQUE, the X-title chronicling the adventures of that mutant bad girl. His latest project is SPIDER-MAN: BREAKOUT, with writer Tony Bedard. This new Spidey miniseries, beginning in April, is sure to excite fans of the red-hot NEW AVENGERS title -- as BREAKOUT spins directly out of the pages of NEW AVENGERS.

"Its like a dream come true," says Garcia. "I'm doing what I have been dreaming to do all my life…and as a creator it's very important to know that these guys at Marvel trust your work. On the other hand this comes in a very special moment in my personal life, so I'm really pleased with this chance!"

Garcia, a native of Spain, was once very close to missing out on a career in comics. "I was in an art school when I was younger and then wasted six or seven years on university (thinking that architecture was my future, obviously I was wrong) before I saw that my life was in the comic field." His first professional work was a Conan pin-up for a Spanish edition of the barbarian's adventures. "Then Robin #92 for the American market," he reminisces. "But my first highlight was my issue of the AVENGERS."

Garcia brings with him a solid work ethic, one that doesn't allow him to pick a past project of his that he's most proud of. "Always the one I'm doing," he comments. "I think every page done has got all the best from the previous work and gets rid of all the mistakes that were made in those works…obviously this is the philosophy when I begin every page."

"I try to do my best all the time…but I think the best is yet to come…"

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada is absolutely a Garcia fan. "Just look at Manuel's pages and there ain't a doubt that he's putting 200% into everything he does! Asking him to spend some time with ol' Marvel is one of the smartest things we could do…and it also makes me have to brush up on my Spanish!"

When the inevitable question of near-future Marvel projects is put to him, Garcia is a pro at keeping things close to the vest yet at the same time giving a tantalizing hint: "Well, there will be FANTASTIC things just around the corner, but I would get killed if I said them so…stay tuned!"

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