Marvel Sets Spider-Men II Release Date, Reveals New Art

"Spider-Men II," Marvel Comics' follow-up to the hit 2012 five-issue crossover series, has revealed new plot details and images. Additionally, it's been confirmed that the sequel series will release in July, from the returning team of writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist Sara Pichelli and colorist Justin Posner.

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Speaking with Nerdist, Bendis said the new story will answer the burning question left by the last series: "What did Peter Parker see when he Googled Miles Morales of the 616?"

The original "Spider-Men" brought together Miles Morales from Marvel's Ultimate universe with Earth 616's Peter Parker, who teamed up to take down the villain Mysterio. The comic concluded with a cliffhanger of Parker Google searching if there was a Mile Morales from his universe -- and he's met with astonishing results. However, those results have yet to be revealed.

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In addition to the emphasis on the other Miles, "Spider-Men II" will focus on the dynamic between Parker and Morales as they spend more time with each other. "Miles and Peter are dealing with each other more often," Bendis said. "The legacy that Peter started as Spider-Man is in his face a little bit more. When [Peter] started being Spider-Man, he didn't have the idea that other people would pick up the mantle. This premise, this theme, gets analyzed from different perspectives, and Miles and Peter are at the center of that."

"Spider-Men" set the bar high with how it resonated with fans, but with the return of artist Sara Pichelli and colorist Justin Posner, Bendis assures the sequel will be "as gorgeous and emotional and beautiful as the first series." New images released showcase some of the series' artwork, revealing a scene of Parker and Morales tied up and dangling over what looks to be a fiery plane crash. Additionally, a teaser image has been revealed, which you can check out below:

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"Spider-Men II" is set to release in July.

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