Mockingbird & Co. Go Underground to Fight Captain America's Secret Empire


Mockingbird isn't about to trade in her superhero ways for a life of terrorism, even if the original Captain America himself is now in charge of Hydra. As a result, the Avenger/Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. will find herself in charge of a group of like-minded heroes-turned-rebels in "Secret Empire: Underground."

The one-shot, written by Jeremy Whitley with art by Eric Koda, finds Bobbi Morse joined by Hercules, Mockingbird, Iron Man, Sam Wilson and Ant-Man in her quest to topple Hydra-Cap's fascist regime. The team will somehow find themselves in the Savage Land, far from Cap's base of power, but despite the physical distance, the tendrils of Hydra have wormed their way to the Antarctica-based prehistoric rainforest.

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Despite the "Secret Empire" tie-in featuring an interesting array of heroes, Whitley told Marvel.com that Mockingbird is, in no uncertain terms, the team's leader.

"I love writing Mockingbird," Whitley said. "I see her as very well-rounded, in a way few heroes are. She has a background in science, she has years of experience in operations and espionage, she has served as an Avenger and a double agent. When I got the list of the characters that were going to be on this team, I knew Bobbi would step up as the leader. She knows how to run an operation and she has a history of getting the job done when the chips are down."

"For anyone reading 'Secret Empire,' this is an integral part of that story," the writer continued. "You’ll see this team leave in the pages of 'Secret Empire' and you’ll see them arrive right back into the pages of 'Secret Empire.' If you follow that story, this is a must.  However, I see it as a big adventure all on its own and I encourage fans of any of the characters to jump in and check it out."

"Secret Empire: Underground," by Jeremy Whitley and Eric Koda, with a cover by R.B. Silva, arrives in May.

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