Marvel says yes to FCBD3

Official Press Release

[The following statement was prepared for this past weekend's FREE COMICBOOK DAY 3 committee meeting in San Diego and was distributed to the comicbook retail community earlier this week.]

The summer convention season got into full swing this past week andas key industry players get the chance to meet face-to-face over the nextfew months, one of the more important items on the agenda of Diamond, thepublishers and comic book retailers is 2004's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 3. Asdecisions are being made by the FCBD committee and participants regardingdates and content, Marvel Comics wants to clarify our position regarding ourparticipation in next year's event.

First and foremost we want to make it perfectly clear Marvel fullyintends to participate in a 2004 FCBD, on whatever date determined by thecommittee. We have and continue to see this terrific event as a greatopportunity to seek out untapped demand... to provide free books that havealready proven themselves as bestsellers in the mass market, to readers whohaven't yet discovered comics in their local comic shop or bookstore.

For Marvel Comics, "Free Comic Book Day" is a rare opportunity forthe entire industry to coordinate our efforts to expand the comic bookmarketplace. Our mission statement is not to distribute books to ourexisting customers (Marvel fills this need with our special 25-cent issuesand beginning soon the new MARVEL PREVIEWS), but to focus efforts onattracting lapsed comic book readers and especially brand new readers intoour fold with our high-quality product.

To this end Marvel Comics is dedicated to working with Diamond,comic book retailers, our fellow publishers and any and all new partnersthat can help distribute free comics to even more new customers than inyear's past so they too can experience the hidden treasures found theirlocal comic book shop.

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