Marvel says Chris Claremont Takes Time for Recovery

Official Press Release

On March 5, comic industry legend and current writer of Uncanny X-Men and Excalibur, Chris Claremont, was overcome by exhaustion while attending a conference in Italy.

Thankfully, he is expected to make a full recovery and return to the comic industry he helped build.

Chris Claremont is best known for being the definitive X-Men writer and over thirty years later is still writing Uncanny X-Men along with New Excalibur.

After treatment and tests in Italy, Claremont was diagnosed with cardiac stress and last week returned to New York City where he will continue his rehabilitative therapy.

Due to this brief hiatus, Claremont's newest projects – his taking over Exiles and debuting GeNext – will be pushed back until late in the year when he returns. Claremont will be coming back to the fold soon, and Marvel is pleased to announce that he will be a part of this family for many years to come, as he recently renewed his exclusive contract.

Marvel wishes Claremont a speedy recovery and looks forward to future classic stories from an industry legend.

CBR News spoke with a Marvel spokesperson Thursday afternoon who claraified Claremont's role in already solicited projects. Some books that have been solicited with Claremont as sole writer will still keep him on as the plotter of the issue with other writers stepping in to handle the finishes and dialogue. Look for more details as they become available.

All of us here at Comic Book Resources wish Mr. Claremont a speedy recovery.

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