Marvel Debuts Pichelli's Concept Art of Spider-Man's Monstrous New Foe

Marvel Comics has released concept art for a new villain set to make his debut in J.J. Abrams, his son Henry Abrams and Sara Pichelli's Spider-Man.

The concept art comes from the 2019 Marvel Universe Fall Magazine, available for free in comic stores digital storefronts. It displays the mysterious new threat called Cadaverous with and without a hood covering the top portion of his head. Concept art for one of his foot soldiers can also be found.

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It's hard to tell if Cadaverous is some type of alien or a human wearing armor. His oversized frame and wires connecting his shoulders to his arms seem to hint at his inhuman nature, though for now that is all speculation.

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Along with the concept art comes previously-released preview pages. The action picks up on an already beaten and bruised Spider-Man being attended to by Mary Jane Watson. In the background, readers can see New York City under siege, with fires and terrified citizens running in fear.

The second page introduces the new villain for the story, Cadaverous, who drops from the sky with a legion of alien-looking soldiers by his side. To give an idea of the size difference between Spider-Man and Cadaverous, the latter hovers over the wall-crawler as a gray piece of clothing obscures the top portion of his metallic body.

Instead of facing Spider-Man one-on-one, Cadaverous orders his minions to do his fighting for him. A sentence at the top of the page reads, "Who is this sinister new villain?!" while the bottom of the page references Abrams' take on the classic Marvel hero: "The modern master of mystery makes his mark on Marvel this September!"


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Marvel revealed the new project by the Abrams' in June with an announcement video, with editor Nick Lowe declaring in a follow-up trailer, "Cadaverous is one of the most terrifying Spider-Man villains of all time and that's saying something! Spidey has faced the Green Goblin, Carnage, Venom and Cadaverous might be even scarier and a little bit grosser than any of them."

Written by J.J. Abrams and Henry Abrams and illustrated by Sara Pichelli and Dave Stewart, with a cover by Olivier Coipel, Spider-Man #1 goes on sale Sept. 18 from Marvel Comics.

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