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Hey, True Believer!

This world can be a cynical place. But if you're like me, you appreciate thegood deeds - and good words - that we can share with one another. And in thewake of the 9/11 attack, it is these simple gestures of good will that bothheal and inspire us. Having said that, Marvel recently received two lettersfrom members of the U.S.'s Armed Forces that I'd like to share with you.

The first is from a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, who e-mailed usfrom his ship, asking if we had any spare comics to send over to boost thetroops' morale. We gladly sent him a box of trade paperbacks to share withhis fellow soldiers. For security reasons, he asked that I not reveal hisname or location. But I can say he is overseas in what many of us wouldconsider a very dangerous location. Here's his short but sweet message...

Mr. Rosemann,

I'm still a little bit in shock that the big man, Mr. Joe Quesadahimself, read my message. As a long-standing Marvel fan, this note makes myday and proves to me even more that Marvel comics are the greatest in theworld! We truly appreciate all the support that the people back home aregiving us. I also want to add a special note of thanks to Marvel for thepublication of HEROES. I haven't been able to see it personally but fromwhat I've heard it is wonderful and a true tribute to those who gave theirall on and since Sept. 11th. Please pass on to Mr. Quesada my sincereappreciation for his efforts and to all of the staff there helping to putthis together.

I wish to again express, for all of us here, my extreme gratitudefor your efforts.

'Till Spidey dresses in drag and joins the circus. . . Make Mine Marvel!

This second letter came not from overseas, but right from Marvel's own backyard...

Hello to all at Marvel Comics,

My name is Brian Bush and I am in the United States Coast Guard. Ihave recently returned from New York where I was working with the UnitedStates Navy patrolling the harbor. My job was to board and check outincoming ships coming into the docks. Due to the size of some of theseships, sometimes these boarding can take hours to complete, but I know the job we are doingis important. I enjoyed your fair city and was never treated better than Iwas in New York.

Sadly, I was unable to get to the Marvel Office and meet my favoritecomic characters, (Spider-Man would have been the best!!) but I was able toget to the top of the Empire State Building and enjoy the sights on my oneday in port. From up there I could see where the Twin Towers used to be, andto be honest it tore my heart to hear the children asking their parentswhere they used to be and wondering why such a thing happend. I had noanswers that I could give and these children's parents did their best tohelp them understand.

I am from the Deep South, Jacksonville, Arkansas to be exact, wherewe have no buildings or city that could even come close to comparison. WhatI could imagine though, was seeing Spider-Man swinging through the buildingsand maybe seeing an Avengers' Quinjet soaring by, which brings a smile to myface.

I love what you guys have done since Sept. 11th. I actually criedwhen I read my AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issue about the event. I love the factthat New York, and all Americans, picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off,and returned to life as best we could. I salute you all and promise to keepdoing my job to the best of my ability as long as you keep putting outcomics that can make me feel like a kid again, and at the same time put meon an emotional roller coaster, for good or bad, because that is what youdo.

Please thank all the writers, artists, staffers, mail people, andeven the interns for all that you have done and know that I am and alwayswill be a Marvel fan through and through.

I thank you for your time.

Semper Paratus!

Brian Keith Bush, QM2

Taclet North

Maritime Safety And Security Team 603

All of us at Marvel thank these two brave men - and all who put their liveson the line - as they continue to define the word "hero."

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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