Marvel's Runaways Production Start Date, Working Title Revealed

After Marvel Television announced that the fan-favorite comic book "Runaways" would be adapted into a live-action series on Hulu, it's been radio silence, with no further information coming out. However, a listing on MyEntertainmentWorld brings news on when the teenage action adventure saga will begin filming, along with the series' working title.

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Filming for "Marvel's Runaways" will start on February 13, 2017 under the working title "Rugrats," an ironic reference to the young age of the main cast members. The series will shoot in Los Angeles, CA.

With filming only 12 days away, it is curious that there have not been any casting announcements. Freeform's "Cloak and Dagger" begins filming on the same day, and the leads, character descriptions, and synopsis have already been released. Perhaps we'll find out who our Runaways are before the end of the week.

Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, "Runaways" stars a group of six gifted teenagers who learn their parents are supervillains. The teens band together to take on their parents and bring the adults to justice.

No release date has been announced for "Marvel’s Runaways."

(via ComicBook.com)

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