Runaways' Surprising Hookups Have a Marvel Comics History


Marvel's Runaways on Hulu had two surprising hookups in their penultimate episode of their first season. One of the hookups was familiar to fans of the Runaways comic book series, while the other one is brand-new (albeit one that has its origins in the comics, as well).

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When we got to the second-to-last episode of the season earlier this week (Marvel's Runaways comes out every Tuesday), the teens were in a state of heightened emotion because they were planning on making a major move against Jonah, the man (?) that their parents ultimately answer to (and the reason that they make human sacrifices every year). Jonah had a drilling project set-up that would cause massive destruction and the teens were ready to shut it down. They all realize, however, that such a move would come with a large amount of danger, so it put them all on edge emotionally.

Naturally, being hormonal teenagers, their thoughts turned to romance. One of the major couples from the Runaways comic book series, Gert and Chase, finally got together on the show and slept together in the episode.

However, this doesn't mean that their romance will go smoothly. Josh Schwartz, co-showrunner of the series, told Entertainment Weekly, "“They obviously acted on feelings that Gert has had for a long time and Chase has recently discovered. But very quickly, the mission and the high stakes that they’re facing are going to take over. Gert is somebody who wants to talk about her feelings, and this isn’t really going to be the proper opportunity to have it all out, as much as she’d like to analyze the relationship in its infancy.”

The bigger surprise in the episode, though, was the kiss shared between Nico and Karolina.

So far in the series, the Nico/Karolina relationship has progressed the same way that it did in the comics, which is to say that Karolina had a crush on Nico, but Nico only had eyes for Alex. When Karolina tried to make a move in the comics, Nico quickly shut her down...

Not so on the TV show, where Nico returned Karolina's kiss! Schwartz said of the couple, "Yes, whatever their shipper name is, it’s on" (he offered up "Nicolina" as their official shipper name).

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Obviously, Nico still has feelings for Alex on the TV show, just like she did in the comics, so this might be just a temporary relationship before the show introduces a new love interest for Karolina, or it might just be a total change in the romantic coupling in the group. It will be interesting to see what happens with both of these new couples in the Runaways season finale this coming Tuesday on Hulu!

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