Runaways' Julian McMahon Teases Jonah's 'Rebirth,' New Challenges

After his brush with death, Runaways' Jonah is a new man. Since the very first episode, Jonah has laid decrepit and comatose in Leslie Dean's private mediation facility at the Church of Gibborim. Now, his youth and vigor have been restored thanks to the lives of young people the Pride sacrificed on his behalf. As it turns out, the Pride's series of ritualistic sacrifices were all for him, but it's unclear why the Pride went through the trouble of saving him. Or, for that matter, what he himself wants.

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According to Julian McMahon, who plays the mysterious character, we'll learn more about Jonah's motivations soon enough. Speaking with CBR, McMahon offered some insight into the character's personality and explained how his near-death experience will radically alter his outlook on life. He also teased Jonah's history with the Pride, his interactions with the Runaways and more.

CBR: That was quite an entrance you made at the end of the last episode. Now that we’ve officially met Jonah, what can you tell us about him as a character?

McMahon: You know, Jonah has come into the show specifically, I think, to shift the already kind of moving structure of the show in a direction that we kind of were not anticipating. Inside of the Jonah character, I think we see almost two different characters, because we do a couple flashbacks. I think you saw one last [week], which would have been twenty years earlier, eighteen years earlier or something, where he comes into contact with the parent characters for the first time. So we get to see a few of those different colors, which is really the genesis for the character. He's very charismatic, kind of brash, kind of businesslike. A "need to accomplish my goals and will do no matter what the cost" type of guy.

Then we get to see the Jonah we travel with through the rest of these episodes, which is the current guy. After going through this near-death experience that he had... he's had this experience, this kind of rebirth type experience on a pretty consistent basis, and it worked without any issues or whatever. The close call changes this character, who was sane and who we kind of flash back to see from earlier times, to a much more... let's say conscious, maybe thoughtful, maybe inwardly-thinking kind of guy. However, there is still the guy who feels like he's meant to accomplish what he sent out to accomplish. You're getting someone who's also being challenged emotionally, and that's kind of the current day character that we get to see in the show.

As seen in the opening sequence of this episode, Jonah has been around for quite some time. How will we see his story unfold over the rest of the season?

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So you're going to get both. I think the show has a few flashbacks. It certainly jumps around time-wise, even the stuff I'm not in, but certainly with my character. The way they wanted to establish who he was originally, particularly in regards to his relationship with the parents. Most of that stuff comes through flashbacks. Obviously the best way to do it! So you get that guy, but then you get the current guy, and as I said he's I think a different individual, but he's still coming in to shake up the dynamics of the show and he does that. We also get to reveal different elements of who he is and what relationship he has to everybody. That evolves per episode and kind of gets fuller and deeper as we get into the latter parts of the series.

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