Marvel: 10 Best Romances Between Heroes And Villains

As comic books have evolved over the years and the stories and characters along with them, so too have the complex romantic relationships these heroic characters have gone through. Often times the romances fans know and love become iconic, but other times fans will see heroes fall in love with someone on the opposite side of the law.

There are many infamous moments from Marvel Comics in particular where a hero has fallen in love with a villain and vice versa. Some become iconic staples, while others fizzle quickly. Here are ten instances in Marvel Comics of heroes dating villains.

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10 Magneto and Rogue

One of the first relationships in the Marvel Universe between a villain and a hero has to be Rogue and Magneto. Rogue, of course, is the mutant who can absorb the life force and psyche of those she touches, who was manipulated into being part of the Brotherhood of Mutants before finally turning to the X-Men and becoming a team member.

Magneto is the mutant who can manipulate metal and is one of the most powerful Marvel villains. They had a romantic affair during the alternate reality Age of Apocalypse storyline, but the sparks crossed into the 616 Universe.

9 Umar and The Hulk

One of the more unique encounters between a hero and villain has to be that of Umar and The Hulk. Umar is a powerful sorceress and the sister of the powerful dimensional being Dormammu. She is a strong villain that could take down many heroes in her path, and so it was the Hulk that went up against her.

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When the Hulk went to fight her however, the battle became a brief romantic meeting between the two that surprised readers. However, Umar became unhappy with the encounter afterwards, and not satisfied she left the Hulk behind, ending the brief encounter.

8 Black Cat and Spider-Man

One of the most infamous relationships between a hero and villain in the Marvel Universe has to be between Spider-Man and Black Cat, aka Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy. While many of Spider-Man’s romances saw the women in his life interested in Peter Parker and not Spidey, Felicia was the opposite.

Black Cat’s romantic interest only went so far as Spider-Man and not the man beneath. The will they/won’t they relationship created tension for Spidey in and out of his other relationships, but her villainous ways always became a roadblock despite attempts to become a hero.

7 Mystique and Wolverine

One of the edgiest and violent relationships between a hero and villain has to be between Mystique and Wolverine. The two met in 1921, having joined the same gang, and were intimate with one another. However, the relationship didn’t survive after she pushed Logon out of a moving train.

Over the years the two would be on opposite sides of the mutant fight, battling one another often. Mystique ended up being with Wolverine’s hated enemy Victor Creed over the years, but in one possible future of the Marvel Universe Logan and Mystique have a son with their shared abilities.

6 Cyclops and Phoenix

What is unique about Cyclops is that he tends to be in romantic relationships with villains often. One of the first has to be his one true love, Jean Grey. Although the two were both heroes when in a relationship at first on the X-Men, Jean would later become possessed by the cosmic entity The Phoenix, and in turn, become the Dark Phoenix.

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A powerful creature capable of great destruction, Jean would not survive the ordeal. After the Dark Phoenix’s taste of evil unleashed a destructive force on a planetary system, Jean took control and ended her own life.

5 Cyclops and Emma Frost

That wasn’t the only romance with a villain Scott had, however. Before Jean’s death, Scott suffered after having been merged with the villain Apocalypse, feeling changed from the ordeal. When Jean is unable to help during her time as Headmistress of the school, he turns to Emma Frost, who harbors feelings for him.

A lot happens during this time, but after the loss of Jean, Scott receives a psychic nudge from a future Jean as the White Phoenix to pursue a relationship with Emma. He does, and the two rebuild the school but cause a rift with the X-Men.

4 Iron Man and Madame Masque

One relationship that will not be explored in the MCU after the events of Avengers: Endgame is between Tony Stark and Madame Masque. In the comics Madame Masque is Whitney Frost, a celebrity who’s father is the evil Count Nefaria. He wants her to take control of the Maggia, and she does so after a plane crash leaves her disfigured, becoming Madame Masque.

Despite her appearance and identity, she and Tony Stark develop feelings for one another. She loves his ability to love her despite it all, but sadly her criminal activities clash with his heroics, and it doesn’t last.

3 Sue Storm and Doctor Doom

There have been many instances over the years of reality manipulation, alternate realities and alternate timelines that have seen Victor Von Doom in a relationship with the woman he’s secretly always wanted to be with, Sue Storm. In reality the wife of Reed Richards and the powerful hero Invisible Woman, Sue recently was Victor’s wife during the events of Secret Wars.

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When Doom became God-Emperor Doom, he reshaped reality so she was his wife and Valeria and Franklin were his children. However, the relationship didn’t last, after their memories were restored by Mister Fantastic’s defeat over God-Emperor Doom.

2 Daredevil and Elektra

One of the more iconic relationships between a Marvel hero and villain has to be that of Daredevil and Elektra. Daredevil, of course, is Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer who is also a vigilante hero with the ability to use sonar-like sight to fight crime, while Elektra is a deadly assassin who has passed on and been resurrected several times.

The two enjoy a passionate romance that is off and on again. The line Elektra crosses as an assassin is against Daredevil’s moral code, but they can’t seem to deny the attraction between one another, even in his show.

1 The Wasp and Magneto

Probably the strangest moment between a hero and villain sharing a romantic moment has to be between Magneto and The Wasp. The event in question occurred during the events of the first Secret Wars, when Magneto had brought the Wasp to him and had seduced the hero.

Much to his surprise, however, her willingness to play into the seduction was merely a ploy on her part to gain his confidence so that she could learn his plans. Once she had what she needed, she escaped his base and the two never spoke of the moment again, making it truly weird.

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