Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron Premieres at WonderCon LIVE

Ironheart in Marvel Rising

The Marvel Rising universe has assembled heroes like Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Quake and Ghost-Spider, and it looks like they’ll be adding another popular hero to their roster. Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron will debut Ironheart. In the comics, Riri Williams is Ironheart, a hero who -- like Iron Man -- has superior scientific smarts and an awesome metal suit to fight crime in. At WonderCon, the show’s stars Sofia Wylie (Ironheart), Milana Vayntrub (Squirrel Girl), Kathreen Khavari (Ms. Marvel) and Kamil McFadden (Patriot) were joined by Cort Lane (SVP, Animation and Family Entertainment) and Marsha Griffin (VP, Animation Current Series and Development) for the world premiere of the brand-new animated special.

The panel began with an exclusive trailer for "LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Vexed by Venom," a short that will premiere in June on Disney XD.

Sofia began the discussion with talking about her favorite superhero which "I definitely have to say SPier-Man. He's one of my favorite characters. I mean, Tom Holland? Okay! He's such a beautiful man."

About Squirrel Girl, Milana talked about how Squrriel Girl can her authentic self: "In what world did we ever say that in order to capable strong or smart that you also need to be serious? I think what makes Squirrel girl and a lot of these characters interesting is their ability to see good in the world, to see an optimistic perspective to believe in people... a lot of that comes with playing... when someone offers a joke to you or plays with them in some way... just play back and laugh because it's gonna make them feel better, and it makes you feel good to be generous."

Kathreen talked about women she admires and said, "my grandmother is one pf the strongest most compassionate people I know.. people come to her for everything. How generous and willful she is is what I look up to... I really look up to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez... I love seeing people like that put their values first and their kindness and compassion first before anything else... to me, that's a beautiful quality that I like to have as well.

Patriot and Squirrel Girl may have an underlying thing according to Kamil, voice of Patriot. Milana added that "Squirrel has had a thing for Patriot since day one!"

Kamil added, "I think they both feel it but Patriot is still kinda awkward. I don't think he'll ever come out and say it."

Producer Cort Lane said, "Girls told us what they wanted... who they connected with" when it came to Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl. "Moms and girls talked about different body types backgrounds and perspectives... that was a frustration point for them. Moms wanted characters their daughters could connect with."

Marsha Griffin said about these characters that at some point they've all felt like outsiders. Characters like Black Panther and Captain Marvel were specific examples she brought up, as well as Riri Williams, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and Patriot and how they make sense of the world by finding community. "That was our goal was to show you no matter how alone you feel, there's a community of people who will embrace you for you, and that's when you'll be the person you were meant to be."

Then the panel screened the premiere of Heart of Iron.

Cort Lane about more specials: "There are three already in production." Then a teaser video played for "Battle of the Bands," "Operation Shuri" and "Playing with Fire," coming to Marvel HQ in 2019.

One will feature Spider-Gwen, the other Shuri needing help from the Secret Warriors, and the last featuring America finding out more about her family.

About X-Men characters potentially being in future specials, Cort Lane said, "No comment."

As far as other Black Panther characters being in the "Operation Shuri," Cort Lane said, "It's all about Shuri. That girl can hold her own. She kicks a lot of butt."

Starring Sofia Wylie (Ironheart), Ming-Na Wen (Hala), Kim Raver (Captain Marvel), Dove Cameron (Ghost-Spider), Tyler Posey (Inferno), Chloe Bennet (Quake), Cierra Ramirez (America Chavez), Milana Vayntrub (Squirrel Girl), Kathreen Khavari (Ms. Marvel), Kamil McFadden (Patriot), Dee Bradley Baker (Lockjaw/Tippy-Toe), Mick Wingert (Iron Man) and Melanie Minichino as (A.M.I.), Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron will premiere on Wednesday, April 3rd on Marvel HQ.

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