Marvel Rides High with Disney Kingdoms' "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" Cover Debut

The creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Tigh Walker will be bringing "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" to comic book life, but the first glimpse at what to expect when the latest collaboration between Marvel Comics and Walt Disney Imagineering arrives with the debut of Pasqual Ferry's cover for the first issue.

"I think the trick is to start with a compelling character and story," Hopeless told CBR about the challenge in translating a ride to a comic. "We'll be mining a lot of great world-building and personality from the attractions but all of it is being used to service the story. Uninitiated readers won't need to know anything but what they see on the page. It's a self-contained story set in a cool Old West mining town. DisNerds, on the other hand, will be treated to a lot of fun Easter eggs and attraction callbacks. We're shooting for the best of both worlds."

Disney Kingdom's "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad," by Hopeless and Walker, with covers by Ferry, debuts in March from Marvel Comics

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