Marvel Revives What If? With a Series of One-Shots

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Marvel is bringing back a classic fan-favorite comic series, and the universe will never be the same again. And again. And again.

The publishing company is bringing back the What If? line of titles for six one-shots that will come later this year. Like before, the titles are set to explore an alternate series of events for some of Marvel's most beloved characters and stories. With the simple question "What if?," these stories examine a universe where one simple difference leads to a completely different reality.

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The first two titles to be released will be What If? Spider-Man and What If? X-Men. These titles will explore what would happen if Flash Thompson became Spider-Man instead of Peter Parker, and what if the X-Men lived in a digital world, respectively. Then, What If? The Punisher will explore a world where Spider-Man is the Punisher, and What If? Ghost Rider will crossover the Spirit of Vengeance into the real world.

After this, it's onward to What If? Thor, where the God of Thunder is adopted by the Frost Giants at a young age, instead of his brother Loki being adopted by Odin. Finally, What If? Magik will show you an alternate universe where Illyana Rasputin has the chance to harness her powers without any complication or drama -- something that is set to make her one of the most heroic and powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe.

Check out all six covers in the gallery below:

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Marvel's What If? one-shots are all expected to hit store shelves this October.

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