Marvel Reveals the Creation of "Secret Wars'" Battleworld!

With the release of a new video, Marvel Comics has confirmed that yes, every teaser it's released for Summer 2015 is related to its "Secret Wars" event. In addition to that, it shows us exactly how each teaser fits into the new Battleworld, with each reality essentially forming its own country.

Over the course of three weeks, Marvel released a total of 15 teasers, promoting over a dozen different past events and other realities. From the return of a married Spider-Man to the potential comic book debut of 1992's animated "X-Men" series to the unarguably odd, yet somehow compelling "Marvel Zombies VS Age of Ultron," teaser after teaser hit the Internet, fueling speculation that ranged from hopes for all-new series to special collected editions and more.

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With today's revelation, that each and every one of those teasers will be represented in Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's mega-event, speculation can now turn to how these different realities have come crashing together to form a new Battleworld, and which ones will form alliances over the course of "Secret Wars."

Not to mention the question of whether the AvX country is populated by Skottie Young-esque versions of the Avengers and X-Men.

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