Marvel Reveals More "Axis" Details at Retailer Summit

Last month at C2E2, Marvel wrapped its Wolverine: Three Months to Die panel with a simple one-word tease: "AXIS." Incorporating the Avengers "A" and the X-Men's "X" icons, the lone slide was enough to let fans know that another franchise-crossover event is on the way form the House of Ideas.

This past weekend, Marvel revealed a bit more information about the event -- including confirmation that it is, indeed, an event -- during Diamond's Retailer Summit in Las Vegas. Via Bleeding Cool, we learn that the next issue of "Previews" will feature what appears to be a Jim Cheung-illustrated cover with the Green Goblin, Loki, Sabretooth, Red Skull, Doctor Doom and Carnage standing in solidarity.

The image also reveals that the event will be written by Rick Remender, and based on Red Skull appearing inside Onslaught's armor, certainly seems to be an extension of events in his "Uncanny Avengers" series. The "Previews" cover also debuts what appears to be the actual logo for the series, which functions much like the logo from Grant Morrison's "New X-Men" logo, and reads the same whether right side up or upside down. Additionally, there appears to be some sort of reflection in the bottom portion of the cover, though the photo isn't clear enough to tell for certain.

Marvel declined comment when contacted by CBR.

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